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Beach themed area rugs are a must-have in every home, and if you live near the coast you might want starfish rugs. We decided to put together a list of our favorite starfish area rugs for your beach home. Hopefully you can get some ideas from our list below for your outdoor patio or indoor living room. Whether you want something round, oval, small, large, neutral, or brightly colored, we have you covered with our complete list with over 100 starfish area rugs.

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How to Choose Starfish Rugs

You always want to consider the size of your rug and where you plan on placing it. Once you know these two things, there are a variety of factors to consider before purchase. Will the material be suitable for everyday use? Will the color match the rest of your home? We gave you some tips below to help guide your decision. In addition, you can find our other articles for beach area rugs, coastal area rugs, nautical area rugs, octopus area rugs, and palm tree rugs.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Starfish Rugs

You can use starfish rugs indoors and outdoors. Many times people use them below a covered outdoor patio because they can protect the ground and add a nice decoration to your outdoor space. In addition, you can use them indoors in your living room area, hallways, kitchen, bathroom, and more. You might opt for something smaller in a hallway or bathroom while your living room area generally has a larger starfish area rug.

How to Find Starfish Rugs

Some of our favorites when it comes to starfish rugs are from brands like NuLoom and Jellybean, but there are so many options that you can use in your design.

Starfish Rug Material

You can find a starfish rug with wool, which tends to be the most popular because it’s functional and beautiful. You can also find other materials like silk, sisal, cotton, jute, sea grass and more. At the end of the day you want a material that looks nice and is comfortable under your feet. Starfish area rugs will come in all materials and you usually pay for higher quality rug materials.

Starfish Rug Color

There are some people that like bright colors like teal, orange, blues, greens, yellow, and more. Others prefer to stick to neutral colors like beige, gray, soft tones, white, and black. You need to find a color that works with your starfish decor and fits in with your overall home design. Luckily for you, starfish rugs come in a variety of colors to fit any color scheme.

In Summary

We here at Beachfront Decor love to use Starfish decor in our design. It only made sense that we would put together a list of our favorite Starfish area rugs because they are beautiful in a home and they fit perfectly along the coast. We all want coastal area rugs when we live near the ocean so hopefully this article helped you find the rug of your dreams.

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