Seashell Wedding Favors & Starfish Wedding Favors

seashell wedding favors

A Beach wedding can not be complete without giving seashell wedding favors and starfish wedding favors to your guests. Seashells and starfish make for perfect favors and you can find products like bottle openers and shot glasses. We put some products below for sale and some ideas that you can use to give wedding favors to your guests.

Starfish and Seashell Wedding Favors


Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Sea Shell Soap Set White 3 bar package Cotton Breeze Scented

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Sea Shell Leis

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Seashells Favor Gift Bag, 6 count

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

10 Piece Beach Themed Wine Charm Set

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Seashell Favors

The products made up of seashells can be a nice beach wedding favor. You can give photo frames made up of seashells or perfumed seashell wedding favors that can be kept in the room. Keychains made up of seashells are also common these days. Giving the starfish wedding favors or seashell wedding favors will allow people to remember your wedding for a long time.

Starfish Favors

Starfish are a type of seashell, but they are the most popular type generally when it comes to decorations and favors. You can find starfish bottle openers, starfish chocolate treats, and more. Starfish wedding favors are very popular because they are so beautiful.

Why Throw a Beach Wedding?

There is nothing better than planning your wedding with a special one. People can have a lot of ideas about their wedding. One idea can amaze everybody that is having your wedding at a beach. You are on a sandy beach with your special one. All the friends and relatives are sitting on specially designed beach chairs clapping for you. This view can be mesmerizing for everybody.

Ideas for Beach Themed Weddings

There are plenty of ideas you can use for a beach wedding. Some of the ideas below will be great for you if you want to make sure your guests have a great time.

Beach Flip Flops

When people are enjoying the beach, sand can go in their shoes and disturb the mood. Attaching a pair of flip flops with every chair can be a good wedding favor. Your guests can relax and enjoy the beach without having to worry about their shoes.

Personalized Items

When you are having a beach wedding, everything should not be about you only. The guests also want to feel special. You can get the name of each guest printed on a metallic plate and attach it to a basket or other beach souvenir and give it to your guests.

Beach Protection Bag

Most of the beach weddings are arranged in the daytime. Heat can disturb the mood of the guests. You can prepare a beach bag with items like sun protection, lip balm, and other moisturizing items to protect your guests from the extreme sunlight on the beach. It can be a perfect beach wedding favor.

In Summary

It can be challenging to throw a wedding, but especially a beach themed wedding. You need to make sure you have the right favors to give to your guests so they can remember your wedding forever.

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