Sunglasses Wedding Favors

sunglasses wedding favors

Sunglasses wedding favors are growing in popular for outdoor weddings that start in the afternoon. They can be handed out to guests, personalized by the bride and groom, and actually serve a purpose. You can purchase any color you can think of and there are styles ranging from 80’s neon party sunglasses to wayfarer sunglasses favors.

Sunglasses Wedding Favors


Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

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Finding the Perfect Wedding Favors

Planning a wedding can be a difficult task. In addition to making all other necessary arrangements, prospective brides and grooms often also have to choose suitable wedding favors for their guests. We go over why sunglasses are ideal wedding favors below because there’s a huge variety.

Why Use Sunglasses Wedding Favors?

For one thing, most sunglasses are inexpensive. They can be bought in bulk at fairly cheap prices. This helps the couple to cut their expenses, which is a great thing when you are planning a wedding. Second, sunglasses are stylish. They are simple accessories that can add a touch of style and fun. In any case, it is summer, a season during which sunglasses are quite the trend. Last and most importantly, sunglasses at an outdoor beach wedding can be used during the wedding and taken home by the guests.

Plastic Sunglasses Favors

Like neon sunglasses, plastic sunglasses tend to be colorful. In fact, some come in unique color combinations. There are various types of plastic sunglasses, such as those that glow in the dark, and some that have clear lenses. Plastic glasses are also rather affordable.



80’s Neon Party Sunglasses Favors

These sunglasses can help add the cheer and color to your event. They come in many vividly bright colors such as neon orange, bright blue, lime green, electric purple and hot pink to mention a few. Often, the lenses and frames are black in color, while the arms are more brightly colored. The glasses have strong and durable frames, and they will last a long time after your wedding. You can buy the glasses in bulk and at relatively cheap prices.



Tropical Sunglasses Favors

If you want your wedding to feel as though it is a holiday of some sort, tropical sunglasses are the perfect wedding favors for you. These glasses come in unique designs that are very reminiscent of vacations. Like neon party glasses, these also come in a wide variety of colors. This makes it easy for you to find a color of glasses that suits your wedding theme perfectly.



Wayfarer Favors

Wayfarer sunglasses are the ultimate definition of class in any event. They come in quiet colors such as black and brown, but don’t let that fool you into believing that they are not attractive. They may be a tad more expensive than other sunglasses wedding favors, but they are well worth the extra money.


In Summary

Sunglasses make perfect wedding favors for many reasons. They are inexpensive items that express your gratitude to your guests in an earnest way. They can also serve as reminders of your special event long after the wedding day has passed. Do not hesitate to opt for sunglasses as your wedding favors; they will not disappoint you.

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