Teak Shower Benches For Sale

teak shower benches

When you move into your home, there are a lot of things to consider. One thing that often goes overlooked is shower benches. The best option is to choose a teak shower bench because they are durable and water-resistant. Teak shower benches are mildew resistant and they generally include a natural oil stain. There are different styles including those with a slatted bench and a lower shelf.

You can also use teak shower benches on your patio and throughout your home. They are only of the most useful products and teak furniture looks beautiful. We listed a variety of teak benches below and you can find our article with outdoor teak benches for more options as well.

Teak Shower Benches



How to Choose Teak Shower Benches

We have some ideas below for you when you are researching new teak wood benches for your shower. We highly recommend looking for 100% solid teak wood shower benches.

Teak Shower Bench Size

If you have a smaller shower, you want to look for a smaller teak shower bench around 18″. On the other hand, if you have a larger shower, you can get a double shower bench and use it to sit on and for storage. Lastly, corner shower benches made of teak wood are popular in large and small showers for storage.

Bench Gripping Feet

Many teak shower benches come with rubber gripping feet that won’t slide in your shower. That is important because the last thing you want is to be slipping while you take a shower. Some teak benches also have adjustable feet that can go up or down.

Water Resistant Bench

Teak is water and mildew resistant, so look for a 100% teak wood bench. They will last for a long time because of their durability and because teak can be used in all sorts of climate and temperatures.

Teak Bench Color

The benches range from light brown to dark brown, with every color in-between. You can definitely find a teak shower bench that will match the wood throughout your home because there are a variety of colors and oil stains that allow you to change the color of your bench as well.

In Summary

Hopefully, after looking at all these products you are able to find a teak bench for your shower. There are plenty of options, styles, and colors to choose from. The best tip is to look at customer reviews and paying for a high-quality teak shower bench.

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