Coastal & Beach Ceiling Fan Pull Ornaments

beach fan pull ornaments

When you live near the coast, you want everything to be related to the beach and ocean. It can be the beach wall decor or the beach themed bedding in your bedroom. And when you are completing your decorations, you definitely want to incorporate beach ceiling fan pull chain ornaments. If you have a nautical theme throughout your home you absolutely do not want to leave any stones unturned with your decor, and adding a new coastal fan pull ornament should only help tie everything together.

We have a variety of beach themed ceiling fan pull light chain ornament options from crabs, anchors, starfish, seashells, sand dollars, turban shells, nautilus shells, seahorse, palm trees, turtles, and more. No matter what you are looking for, there should be something below that suits your needs.

Beach Fan Pulls and Coastal Fan Pull Ornaments



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How to Choose Coastal Ceiling Fan Pull Chains

Below are some of the most important things to keep in mind as you pick out a new beach ceiling fan pull chain. It’s not always easy to make a decision if you don’t know what you want going in, so that’s always my goal is to help you upgrade your fan.

Beach Fan Pull Colors

You can find different neutral color options like brown, beige, light blue, silver, and bright colors like blue, orange, green, bright blue, and more. No matter what, you want it to fit seamlessly within your color scheme and not be something that might be bright pink that stands out negatively.

Coastal Ceiling Fan Pull Themes

Like we mentioned above, we have themes like palm trees, turtles, mermaids, seashells, starfish, pineapples, seahorses, ship wheels, seagulls, sharks, fish, pirates, and lighthouses. Whether you want a nautical theme like an anchor, a tropical theme like a palm tree, or a beach theme like seashells, we have something for your home that will work perfectly.

Room Where Your Fan is Located

If you need an ornament for your child’s room, you might want something more playful like our colorful fish or the child pirate. If you need it for a luxurious living room then you might want to go with one of our beautiful sand dollars or nautilus shells.

In Summary

Hopefully this article helps you find your beach ceiling fan pull chain ornament for your beach home. You can get rid of the usual small brown pieces that come with your fan extensions and get these ones that will complete your ceiling fan.

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