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Palm Tree Bedding Sets & Comforters & Quilts

Palm tree bedding is really popular because they come with different styles of palm trees and different styles of palm leaves. We all associate palm trees with the beach, paradise, and tropical destinations. We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together a list of our favorite palm tree comforter sets and palm leaf bedding sets that you can use in your own bedroom or master bedroom.

Palm Tree Bedding Sets



Palm Tree Comforter Sets

Our favorite option for bedding sets are palm tree themed comforters. Comforter sets that feature palm tree themes are easy to manage, store, put on your bed, or travel with to your second beach home. There are options from brands like Beachcrest Home, Harbor House, and East Urban Home.


Palm Tree Duvet Covers

Palm tree duvet cover sets are extremely popular because they are affordable and you can switch them easily. Duvet covers and palm tree coverlets are used a lot on bedding near the beach and tropics because they are comfortable and light.


Palm Tree Quilts

Palm tree quilts are popular from companies like Tommy Bahama. You will see there are different colors for palm leafs on the quilts themselves. There are some with bright green palm trees and leaves and others with neutral beige coloring.


Palm Tree Bedding Inspiration

We listed some inspiration and palm tree bedding ideas for your tropical bedroom. Palm tree themed bedding sets are perfect for your beach home because you find palm trees by so many beaches in places like California, Hawaii, Florida, South Carolina, and more.

Palm Tree Bedroom Design #1

Serenity-Palms-Quilt-Collection-by-Tommy-Bahama-Bedding-800x647 Palm Tree Bedding Sets & Comforters & Quilts
Serenity Palms Quilt Collection by Tommy Bahama Bedding


Palm Tree Bedroom Design #2

Aregada-Dock-Reversible-Palm-Tree-Quilt-Set-by-Tommy-Bahama-Bedding-800x624 Palm Tree Bedding Sets & Comforters & Quilts
Aregada Dock Reversible Palm Tree Quilt Set by Tommy Bahama Bedding


Palm Tree Bedroom Design #3

Palms-Away-Tommy-Bahama-Bedding-Set-800x673 Palm Tree Bedding Sets & Comforters & Quilts
Palms Away Tommy Bahama Bedding Set


Palm Tree Bedroom Design #4

tommy-bahama-palm-tree-bedding-by-pamela-sandall-designs Palm Tree Bedding Sets & Comforters & Quilts
Tommy Bahama Cali Style
by Pamela Sandall Design


Palm Tree Bedroom Design #5

wellington-design-by-ruchidesigns Palm Tree Bedding Sets & Comforters & Quilts
by RuchiDesigns


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How To Choose a Palm Tree Bedding Set

There are a lot of options so make sure you go through them all. We will continuously at new options to this list so if you want to revisit this page.

If you aren’t sure where to get started we have some ideas above in terms of palm bedding sizes styles materials prices brands quality levels and more. You will find our complete list of our favorite palm tree themed comforters that feature all sorts of different things to do with palms.

Why You Need a Palm Tree Comforter, Quilt, or Duvet Cover

If you have palm tree themed decorations or decor throughout your home, people are most likely know that you’re going for a tropical beach theme. That’s why we put together this huge list of palm tree comforters, quilts, duvet covers, and more for your beach bedroom.

Palm tree quilts and palm tree duvet covers can immediately give your bedroom a tropical feel. And, there’s no better feeling than being at the beach.

Bedding Color

You’ll find that palm tree comforters come in very neutral colors featuring white, beige, green, and brown. Since palm trees don’t come in a large variety of colors, you find the natural colors found on them to use in the decor. You might also find sets that include brighter colors and more tropical colors like orange, bright green, blue, yellow, and pink. No matter what you need you should be able to find something, but it will definitely be easier if you’re searching for a neutral colored bedding set.

Bedding Style

There are so many different styles along with materials that your bedding set can come in. You might want something with a thinner sheet or something with a thick down comforter. Usually when it comes to beach bedding sets, you want to find something that is a little more thin and comfortable because the temperature usually doesn’t fall too far below 40 degrees.


Bedding sets range from sizes including twin, full, double, queen, and king. You need to know how large your mattresses before you order a size and you can also go a size up if you prefer a larger comforter, but you need to make sure it doesn’t hit the ground because that can make it look much worse than it is supposed to look. Usually queen tends to be the most popular size for bedding sets because that’s the size mattress that most people have.

In Summary

All in all, there is a variety of palm tree bedding including shams, toss pillows, bed skirts, quilts, duvet covers, and more. You might want to look for matching sets so the pillows flow perfectly with the comforter and the sheets match as well. In addition, keep price in mind because you get what you pay for. You spend about eight hours every night in bed so spend the extra bucks for a high-quality set.

Hopefully you’re able to find the tropical bedding set of your dreams and if you are not make sure to contact us and we will do whatever we can to find you a different bedding set that works best for your beach home.

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