Adirondack Chairs For Sale

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Are you searching for comfortable outdoor chairs this summer? Do you need a new spot to read your book or soak up the sun? We put together a huge list of Adirondack chairs you are sure to love for your outdoor patio.

Adirondack chairs were originally designed by Thomas Lee in 1903, and they are meant to offer you outdoor comfort and ambiance whenever you spend quality time outdoors. These classic outdoor chairs are a symbol of luxury and hospitality and can also add to your outdoor home decor. There are different options and you can choose to find the right color or design to meet your needs. I am going to discuss different features of Adirondack Chairs and what to look for when purchasing below, so scroll down past the products for more information.

Adirondack Chairs For Sale

We listed our favorite options for your outdoor patio and you might like some of those options as well.

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Our Favorite Adirondack Chairs

Check out our favorite Adirondack Chairs that range in price and style. The pricier chairs tend to be more durable and comfortable and there’s a trade off with some of the different chairs listed below. If you buy one of the more inexpensive options, we recommend looking for a cushion to go with it if it’s not comfortable.

1 – Highwood Hamilton Folding Adirondack Chair

The highwood hamilton folding adirondack chair comes in a variety of colors to fit your outdoor patio. The chair is made in the USA from recycled plastic, eco-friendly, proprietary materials.

Highwood-Hamilton-Folding-Adirondack-Chair-1-199-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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2 – Outdoor Interiors Ottoman Adirondack Chair

The outdoor interiors adirondack chair comes with an ottoman. It is made from dense and durable Eucalyptus Hardwood, so it should last for years with proper care. You can adjust the ottoman to suit how you want to sit.

Outdoor-Interiors-Ottoman-Adirondack-Chair-2-245-300x239 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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3 – Margaritaville Blue Adirondack Chair

The margaritaville adirondack chair is perfect for anyone who loves the tropics and wants to relax. It is made from Poplar wood and you can actually find this particular option in a variety of colors to fit your outdoor patio.

Margaritaville-Blue-Adirondack-Chair-3-210-200x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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4 – Highwood Classic Adirondack Chair

The highwood classic Adirondack chair is a comfortable and durable option that can hold up to 500 pounds. It is made with fade resistant material assembled with 304 grade stainless steel hardware, which means it will last for years to come.

Highwood-Classic-Adirondack-Chair-4-279-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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5 – Outsunny Rustic Wood Adirondack Bench with Ice Cooler

The Outsunny rustic wood adirondack dual chair with cooler inbetween is an awesome option. Not only is it unique, but you and a friend or your loved one can hang out all day while drinking cold beverages and relaxing under the sun.

Outsunny-Rustic-Wood-Adirondack-Bench-with-Ice-Cooler-5-199-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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6 – Shine Company Westport Adirondack Chair

The Shiny Company Westport Adirondack Chair is a relaxing and beautiful option that comes with a sand finish. It is made of high quality yellow Cedar wood known for its natural resistance to moisture, decay, and insect damage.

Shine-Company-Westport-Adirondack-Chair-6-80-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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7 – Unfinished Child’s Adirondack Chair

The Unfinished Adirondack Chair is a great option because you can choose your own color and paint. The option below is a child’s size Adirondack chair that is perfect if you have kids and want to get them their own chair.

Unfinished-Childs-Adirondack-Chair-7-55-261x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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8 – Maxim Kids Adirondack Chair

The maxim kids Adirondack chair is designed for children and smaller in size than the normal adult sized chair. If you need an inexpensive option for your outdoor patio, this is a perfect chair for you.

Maxim-Kids-Adirondack-Chair-8-35-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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9 – Kid Kraft Adirondack Chair

Another option for kids is from Kid Kraft and it is a highly durable and weather-resistant option. You can choose from espresso or white in color and it is made from wood so you can always paint it in case it starts to weather.

Kid-Kraft-Adirondack-Chair-9-80-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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10 – Cedar Adirondack Chair

The cedar unpainted Adirondack chair is a great option because it is inexpensive and durable for your outdoor patio. In addition, it is completely unfinished for you to paint or stain to suit your style or setting.

Cedar-Adirondack-Chair-10-50-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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11 – Wicker Patio Adirondack Chair

Get yourself a wicker adirondack chair to combine a wonderful patio material with a great patio design. We absolutely love wicker furniture at Beachfront Decor, so we of course recommend this durable and beautiful option.

Wicker-Patio-Adirondack-Chair-11-115-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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12 – Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Adirondack Chair

If you live in a rustic or nautical setting, you will love this cedar log Adirondack chair. It looks like it was built similar to a log cabin, so it works better in wooded settings or if you live in the mountains.

Lakeland-Mills-Cedar-Log-Adirondack-Chair-12-220-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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13 – Blue Natural Wood Adirondack Chair

You can lounge outdoors and relax with the blue natural wood Adirondack chair. It comes with a footrest and you can recline the chair in different positions as well. Finally, it is made with durable Acacia wood so it won’t wear away quickly.

Blue-Natural-Wood-Adirondack-Chair-13-55-288x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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14 – Folding and Reclining Adirondack Chair

Folding-and-Reclining-Adirondack-Chair-14-290-300x277 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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15 – Wooden Adirondack Country Chair

Wooden-Adirondack-Country-Chair-15-120-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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16 – Richmond Adirondack Set of Two Chairs with Table

Richmond-Adirondack-Set-of-Two-Chairs-with-table-16-300-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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17 – Foldable Adirondack Chair

Foldable-Adirondack-Chair-17-62-240x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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18 – Recycled Products Adirondack Chair

Recycled-Products-Adirondack-Chair-18-300-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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19 – Best Choice Foldable Adirondack Chair

Best-Choice-Foldable-Adirondack-Chair-19-73-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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20 – Adirondack Chair with Footrest

Adirondack-Chair-with-Footrest-20-194-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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21 – Classic Polywood Adirondack Chair

Classic-Polywood-Adirondack-Chair-21-300-300x300 Adirondack Chairs For Sale
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Adirondack Chair Styles

Merry Garden Adirondack Chair

Merry garden is the top selling Adirondack chair with a fine natural wood finish, which makes it natural looking and attractive. It can be folded and stored indoors during winters or carried to a different location. It’s also very durable, attractive and affordable. Its simple and natural attractiveness features makes it appealing to many people.

Lifetime Adirondack Chair

This is the most durable and the strongest option. You are likely to get many years out of this type of chair. Its quality is attributed to use of synthetic wood in construction which is able to withstand different weather conditions without damage. Unlike most other Adirondack Chairs, this chair comes in parts to be assembled at point of use.

Polywood Adirondack Chair

This classic contoured chair is designed to ensure comfort wherever you are using it. It is constructed using recycled Polywood lumbers and comes in different colors. It can be folded flat just in case you want to move it indoors or transport it. Materials used in its construction helps to ensure that it remains durable and strong. Its design is ideal for pools, beach getaways and family trips.

Highwood Hamilton Adirondack Chair

It can withstand any climatic condition so it can be used during summer and winter as well. It is stylish, durable and comfortable. It can also be folded in case you want to store or carry it. You are assured of durability since it’s made of synthetic wood.

Adirondack Chairs Material

Wood Chairs

Wood was the first material used in construction of this furniture and thus chairs made of wood are considered traditional. Using wood allows you to select desired colour, most preferred colours are white, grey and dark green. Other than colour, it is also important to consider woods’ durability before selecting a particular type of wood to use.

All Weather Plastic Chairs

Most durable chairs are made of plastic or synthetic materials. Apart from durability, these types of chairs are considered environmental friendly since recycled plastics are used and prevent deforestation. All weather Adirondack chairs are affordable and require minimal maintenance thus making it desirable to buyers.

Mahogany Chairs

Mahogany is a tropical hardwood consisting of rich grains, which makes it strong and durable. Mahogany finished Adirondack chairs are attractive due to its natural color. Because of the rich grain nature of mahogany, these chairs are also decay and scratch resistant.

Shorea Chairs

Shorea is desired due to its natural silver shade color after aging. When using unfinished shorea which is light brown in colour, it naturally ages to soft grey which is more beautiful and attractive. Shorea is rich in resin and this makes it repellent to insects.

Cedar Chairs

Because it is an inexpensive natural wood, Cedar is also a major material used in making Adirondack Chairs. Cedar has the natural ability to resist cracking and rot. Its aromatic smell makes it more natural for outdoor use and also acts as an insect repellent.

Cypress Chairs

Due to its wide availability, cypress also contributes to a significant fraction of materials used. Cypress has tight grains which ensures that the chair remains straight and in shape. Natural oils from cypress make it resistant to insects and rot free.

In Summary

We have seen tremendous improvements to Adirondack chairs. Unlike the traditional design, modern day chairs come with oversized seats, curved backs and arm rests among other features to increase comfort. You will find that some come with ottomans and other chairs even recline. And there are other additional comfort designs and styles including side tables, porch swings, gliders and benches.

There are many options available when it comes to selecting a perfect Adirondack chair; with the above detailed review on Adirondack chairs it will be easy to find perfect furniture for your outdoor patio. These chairs can also be used for different outdoor occasions; although optional, you can also use cushions and toss pillows for more comfort.

We hope you enjoyed our article! Feel free to leave a comment below and we are always happy to respond.

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