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Whether you live every day of your life in the tropics or you just love that beach vibe, tropical bedding sets are a great option. When you consider the beaches, palm trees and warm weather, it’s really a paradise away from the everyday hustle. For those on vacation, these things are some of the top attractions that inspired the travel. Nothing makes a day better than laying in your beach chair soaking up the sun. That’s why laying on a tropical themed bedding set can help create the perfect, comfortable night.

Below are some tropical bedding sets that will help you create the comfortable bedroom of your dreams.


Tropical Bedding Sets


Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Honu Sea Turtle Hawaiian Quilt Bedding

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Tommy Bahama Nador Comforter Set, Queen, Beige

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Tommy Bahama Palmiers Comforter Set, Queen, Medium Green

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Tommy Bahama Raffia Palms Comforter Set, Queen, Brown

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Tropical Garden Luxury Duvet Cover Set

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Tommy Bahama Aregada Dock Quilt Set, King, Sky

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

One Bella Casa 74499LDVT Duvet Cover, Twin, Multicolored

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Greenland Home 4 Piece Maui Bonus Quilt Set

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Coastal Shoreline Beige Seashell Comforter Set

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Tommy Bahama Topical Orchid Quilt Set

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

BHG Kashmir 5-Piece Bedding Comforter Set

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Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Vue Arcadia Quilt Set, Full/Queen

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How to Choose Tropical Bedding Sets

Aesthetic beauty in design is not difficult to achieve in the tropics as there are various styles to choose from. On the other hand, the multitude of options can make it a little overwhelming to establish the perfect design. Tropical decorations from tropical area rugs to tropical mirrors must be kept trending with new insights and creativity.

We cover some of the best tips and most important things to keep in mind as you pick out a new tropical comforter, quilt, or duvet cover set. You have to remember the best tropical bedding themes, pricing, bedding sizes, product choices, and more.

Tropical Bedding Sizes

Do you need a twin, double, full, queen, or king tropical bedding set? Once you know what bedding set size you need it becomes much easier to narrow down the options. Many styles only come in certain sizes so you can start there, and larger sizes usually come with a larger price tag because they use more material.

Tropical Bedding Style

How thick of a comforter do you need? What design are you looking for? Do you want a thinner quilt or a thick comforter? These are questions you need to ask yourself and usually you can answer them based on where you live and what you desire when you sleep. If you prefer heavier comforters then you can get something that suits you.

Number of Bedding Pieces

You can go out and just buy a comforter otherwise you can buy a 5-piece, 6-piece, 7-piece, 8-piece, and 9-piece set that comes with a comforter, sheets, duvet, shams, pillow cases, throw pillows, and more. The more it comes with the less you need to buy otherwise so sometimes it’s great to find a set that has absolutely everything.

Bedding Material

Bedding sets come in materials like cotton, linen, synthetics, king cotton, cotton blends, polyester, and more. The most popular material is cotton.

Tropical Bedding Colors

Are you looking for more of a neutral and white colored bedding set or do you want something with bright tropical colors? Tropical bedding sets usually come with brighter colors like green, yellow, blue, pink, and more. Many times they feature tropical elements like palm trees, palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, and more.

Bedding Prices

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to how comfortable the bedding set is and the overall quality of it. More expensive comforter sets like those made by KingLinen or Tommy Bahama tend to be made with a much higher quality but they also come with a higher price tag. My recommendation is to splurge for the bedding set you want because you spend 8 hours every night sleeping.


Tropical Bedding Set Themes

Tropical bedding set themes usually make up some of the different things you find in a tropical paradise. Usually the weather is nice and hot so you will see brighter colors and textures.

Palm Tree Bedding

Palm trees and tropical décor go hand in hand so this one shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. You generally find palm leaves being used on comforters since there are so many different kinds and because you can incorporate different colors.

Hibiscus Flower Bedding

Another popular design theme is the use of hibiscus flowers, particularly in brighter colors like pink and orange. These beautiful flowers are commonly use in Hawaiian designs and they would look great surrounding your home in the garden as well.

Bright Colored Bedding

Whereas beach and cottage themes tend to include softer colors like white, light blue, and light green, tropical décor uses brighter colors. If you get a lot of natural light in your Master Bedroom, your comforter can help the room pop with the right choice in colors.

Hawaiian Inspired Bedding

To expand further on going bright, we tend to be inspired by Hawaiian designs and connect them to tropical décor. We usually picture brighter colors and tropical island themes when we think of Hawaii, so get those directly on your bedding set.

Green and Brown Bedding

Last but not least, if you are not a fan of bright colors, greens and browns tend to be very popular in tropical beach homes. For example, you might have different types of indoor palm trees along with bamboo, and you comforter can flow right off of those colors and that style.


Tropical Décor Tips

We decided to put together some tropical design tips to give you some more ideas about bringing the tropics indoors to your dream home.

Bedding Extras

Before you start thinking about ideas for tropical bedding sets, you should know all the items needed. From the throw pillows to the tropical bedding ensembles, surfboard headboards, comforters, duvets, tropical theme sheets and linens, bed-skirts, curtains and accessories, there’s plenty to choose from that compliment your bedding set. All in all, you want everything to flow and be cohesive so pay attention to styles and colors.

Outdoor Tropical Themes

Imagine a beach house with tons of palm trees in the front yard and surrounding the house. Hibiscus flowers and other colorful flowers line the front of your house. Tropical themed palm tree stones lead you up the outdoor steps to an open floor plan with natural light. That’s really the dream we all want to achieve, right? That’s why you want to keep in mind how important your tropical outdoor décor can be, because it leads people into your beach home.

Tropical Accents

Look for high-quality tropical accents like artwork, towel racks, soap dispensers, table settings, table decorations, and more where you can incorporate that beachy feel. Instead of a boring old paper towel holder, look for a palm tree paper towel holder instead.

Make Your Home Tropical

Why use bricks and cement when there is wood or concrete when there is bamboo? Avoid things that are found in urban décor and focus more on beach items that are light yet compact and durable. Go for a woody décor, rough-textured finish like shell-layered walls, palm leaves and trees, hibiscus flowers, beach neon and bright color patterns that represent the summer.

In Summary

There are various other ideas for tropical bedding sets to consider. When looking to improve your beach décor, never oversight even the least of areas you can customize. It may be a simple rug that has palm trees all over it and that can be one simple idea to help your design shine. At the end of the day though, keep in mind the ultimate goal is creating the most relaxing space possible.

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