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Coastal Bedding Sets & Beach Bedding Sets

If you have come to this page, you are likely looking for a new coastal bedding set for your beach home. You do not have to look at your uncomfortable, plain-colored and boring bedding set anymore. First, you want a beach bedding set that feels like you never stop looking at the ocean. Second, you want a coastal, beach, and ocean themes in your bedroom. And third, you want matching comforters, sheets, shams, and throw pillows to have a beautiful beach home. You have come to the right place if you want beach house bedding.

We started by listing our absolute favorite beach themed bedding sets. If you love coastal bedding like comforters, quilts, duvet covers, and more, look no further than the sets below. Your beach bedroom decor can improve immediately with one of the bedding sets below.

Beach Bedding Sets





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Beach Bedding

We have put some awesome options below that will help you create the coastal theme in your bedroom. Our coastal bedding sets include comforters, quilts, duvet cover sets, and more. We have created this ultimate guide to beach themed comforter sets and bedding sets to give you great resources on sprucing up any bedroom. Most of the varieties below come in all sizes like Twin, Full, Queen, and King. Hopefully you can find upgrade your comforter and quilt to really bring the ocean feel right indoors.


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How to Choose Beach Bedding

Our main criteria for choosing beach bedding sets was first looking for coastal related themes. We like comforters that have starfish, palm trees, coral, or seashells on them because there’s no better way to represent the beach. In addition, white colors, bright colors, and hues of blues always stand out.

However, selecting a beach bedding set can be among the toughest tasks to undertake especially when you are a novice. There are various aspects to consider when looking for these sets. This article has outlined what to look for when picking your next comforter set.

Thread Count

Before purchasing a comforter, you need to look at the thread count. Thread count can be defined as the number of thread on every square inch of the fabric. The higher this number is, the softer, cozier and silkier it will be. The lowest thread count can range from 100-180. It is advisable to purchase a product with 400-600 threads.

You might want to save money, but for blankets and sheets you use every single day of the year, choosing a higher thread count is worth it. You want to remember how important comfort is to go along with a beautiful bed.

Beach Bedding Design

Buyers are also advised to look at the design of the product you want to buy. Do you want something with a lot of colors and different elements or just a single tone comforter? We have some themed designs like palm tree bedding and starfish bedding, which are extremely popular.

You also want to examine the lock system of different brands on the market before making your final decision. The comfort lock system will keep you warm as well as comfortable for many hours. Some of the popular designs include box design, diamond box design and baffle box design among others.

Bedding Quality

Quality is another aspect that you cannot ignore when it comes to purchasing a comforter. You need to look for something that will last for years. To determine this, take your precious time and read reviews of different brands on the market. Do not waste time and money on products with negative reviews from consumers. Look at the structure of the comforter to establish whether it meets the standards you are looking for.

At the end of the day, you really do get what you pay for. If a bedding set is $100 cheaper than another alternative, make sure the reviews warrant the purchase. On the other hand, if a bedding set is very expensive, make sure the reviews are positive so you don’t waste your money. Most user reviews consider the price so people will have higher and lower expectations based on the money they spend.

Bedding Material

If you are suffering from an allergy due to dust, dirt and other materials, then you should look for a comforter that is thinner and won’t hold on to excess dust. In addition, you need to find out how easy it is to wash the comforter set. Some comforters can be a little more difficult to wash.

In addition, different materials come in a variety of weights. Make sure you choose the weight that you desire. A light comforter will not provide you with adequate warmth when compared to an extra-large one. Sometimes down comforters can be a little too heavy, especially if you live near the warm beach.

Fill Power

Comforters have different fill powers. The higher the fill power of the comforter you buy, the better the quality. The best grade comforters have a fill power of around 700 and above. Therefore, it is good to go for one with a fill power of 600 and above.

Beach Bedding Size

Find out the size of the comforter you wish to buy like twin, double, full, queen, or king. Comforters are sold according to the size of the bed. Buyers should determine the size of the bed they own before hitting the market to purchase.

Coastal Bedding Price

Beach comforter sets are sold at different prices. Estimate your budget before you ever go shopping. Ensure that you stay within your budget. Compare prices of different brands to save some money on the same.

Pinterest Beach Bedding Ideas

You can browse our Pinterest Board called ‘Coastal Bedding’ to find more bedding inspiration and ideas. The entire board is dedicated to Pinterest Pins featuring coastal themed comforters, duvet covers, quilts, and more.

In Summary

In summary, selecting the best comforter set should not be a difficult experience. You need to look at the size, fill power, comfort, quality and design among other attributes. With these factors at the back of your mind, you can find great deals online or at your local store.

If you’re looking for the perfect beach bedding set, you should be covered here. There are a variety of options and styles for you to choose from. We hope you found the perfect comforter set for your beach home. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please leave us a comment!

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