100+ Best Umbrella and Canopy Beach Chairs 2022

canopy umbrella beach chairs

Umbrella beach chairs are also known as canopy beach chairs. These are a great option when you want to give yourself the option of shade on a hot day, but you don’t want to have to carry a chair and an umbrella or tent with you. They are not as lightweight as other beach chairs that are available, but you have to remember that they include sun protection and save you taking additional items.

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Canopy Beach Chairs For Sale



Benefits of Umbrella Beach Chairs

There are plenty of benefits of a canopy beach chair. Not only are they easy to bring to the beach, but they give you more shade as well. We also found some canopy beach chair models that also come with back straps to make them easier to carry. You can find umbrella beach chairs in a range of styles, colors and patterns to suit your own personal taste and with a variety of extra features. For example, twin chairs, neck rests, cooler packs and more.

Additional and Optional Shade

Most of the time, canopy beach chairs give you the option of putting your shade up or down. It’s great to have more shade on the beach because spending hours at a time in the sun can be painful.


It’s very easy to pack your canopy beach chair whether you have a small car or a large SUV. It’s much easier to pack an umbrella beach chair rather than an umbrella and a beach chair separately.

Great Brands

You can find umbrella beach chairs by companies like Tommy Bahama, RIO Brands, Ostrich, and more. Therefore, you don’t have to settle for a low-quality brand because they are available from the top brands on the market.

Easy to Carry

If you can find a canopy backpack beach chair, they are very easy to carry on your back. We all want to bring our beach toys, towels, umbrellas, coolers, and more, so you want easy-to-carry umbrella beach chairs.

How to Choose Canopy Beach Chairs

Having a day out in the sun at the beach by the ocean is a small slice of heaven. Spending time having fun on the sand with your friends, relaxing with loved ones in the sunshine or passing the day with your family is a great way to spend a hot summer day. To make beach time more enjoyable, practical and comfortable, we took a look at the market to see what umbrella beach chair options were available. Umbrella beach chairs really are a great way to enjoy the beach whilst protecting yourself from harmful rays.

Why Use Umbrella Beach Chairs?

Soaking up the sun whilst listening to the ocean waves crash around you sounds like a dream but in reality, you have to keep you skin covered and protected especially during peak hours from around midday to three pm and whilst there is a great range of umbrellas and beach tents available on online or in stores, it can become impractical to take so many things with you for a day trip to the beach. That is when we found beach chairs with connected umbrellas.

In Summary

It’s difficult to choose 1 beach chair from the thousands of options available. You want a color you love, a style you can use for years, and a brand that makes high-quality chairs. We love umbrella beach chairs because they provide shade and they are easy to bring to the beach.

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