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Wicker Bar Stools & Rattan Bar Stools

If you are shopping for wicker bar stools, it can be difficult to find all of the best options in one place. Every furniture store will carry a variety of bar stools but they will not all be created out of wicker. And it can be difficult to find an all wicker furniture store near you. When you are looking for wicker bar stools, you won’t find many options better than the furniture below.

Wicker Bar Stools




How to Choose Wicker Bar Stools

We go through some tips for choosing wicker bar stools below. Bar stools in a rattan wicker material can work perfectly both indoors and outdoors. They are durable, beautiful, and adds a luxurious feel to your overall decor. In addition, cushioned bar stools with backs can be incredibly comfortable. Backless wicker stools are not as comfortable but they will still work well for entertaining or seating yourself.

Wicker Bar Stool Prices

We listed indoor and outdoor wicker bar stools that could work anywhere around your home. The products below range anywhere from $60 for a bar stool to upwards of $200 for a bar stool. The product images you see can show how many of the wicker stools come in a set, because some are sets of four or two.

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How to Find Wicker Bar Stools

We listed some of our best wicker and rattan bar stools above for your home. Bar stools are perfect if you have a tall kitchen counter, an indoor bar, or an outdoor tiki bar. Discover some of our wicker, vintage rattan, backless, and sea grass themed bar stools above. There is also a size included below for each wicker stool, which measures the distance in inches from the seat of the stool to the floor.

Wicker Bar Stool Height

The most common bar stool heights are 20″, 24″, 29″, and 30″. The most popular bar stool height is 30 inches from the seat to the floor. Some of the wicker bar stools are taller than 40 inches from top to bottom if they have a large back. Shorter bar stools can work better if you have a short bar, so choose your wicker stool based on the height of your bar.

In Summary

We hope that you are able to find the wicker bar stools you are looking for. You might need to purchase a complete seating set to complete your bar or you might just want stools for your counter-top. The good thing about bar stools is that they come in all sizes and most can be used indoors and outdoors.

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