Wicker Baskets & Rattan Baskets

When it comes to wicker baskets and rattan baskets, you have plenty of choices for products you can purchase. Since wicker baskets have so many different uses, there are wicker laundry baskets, storage baskets, and simply rattan baskets used for decor. Our goal was to give you a list of the best possible wicker style baskets for sale that you can choose from.

Wicker Baskets



How to Choose Wicker Baskets

Many recognize wicker baskets today as a household essential, but the truth is they have been in use for literally thousands of years! The multifaceted usefulness, plethora of adaptable styles, and aesthetically pleasing design compose the main reasons why wicker baskets have survived so long and continue to this day. Follow along and discover the wonderful uses and styles wicker baskets have to offer. In addition, we recommend checking out basket lady for more ideas and inspiration.

Wicker Basket Uses

The use of wicker baskets are virtually endless. One of the most common functions of wicker baskets tends to be in the household as a container to carry laundry and other chores. In addition, wicker baskets are commonly seen in bathrooms as an elegant way to hold toilet rolls, magazines, or other washroom items.

Transitioning to the kitchen, wicker baskets serve a great way to hold a variety of foods like bread or pastries. There are even specific types of wicker baskets designed for all your various cooking needs. Lastly, wicker baskets are often used as a beautiful way to display flowers or household decor whether in your living room or bedroom. As you can see, wicker baskets have an extraordinary amount of uses. So, the question is typically not what a wicker basket can do, but what do you need it to do?

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Benefits of Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are typically created through weaving cane, branches, grass, reed, or combinations of man-made materials. The primary use for these baskets are for storage, display, or if items need to be carried. Part of the appeal of wicker baskets is that they come in all shapes and sizes, which allows for perfect containers that cater to the specific needs of you or your home. If you are interested in how to clean wicker baskets, we have the perfect article for you here.

Wicker Basket Styles

Among just some of the styles include wicker baskets with handles, large and small baskets, round and square baskets, and baskets with lids or open-ended tops. Furthermore, wicker baskets come in all types of colors to perfectly match the decor in your home; the primary colors of wicker baskets do tend to be light and dark brown.

Where do you use Wicker Baskets?

As you have likely noticed, the common theme of wicker baskets have been both their beautiful aesthetic appeal and their immense versatility in accomplishing tasks. Wicker baskets are often featured in homes along the coast or beach, acting as a perfect complement to the decor and landscape of that region. While wicker baskets have been around for thousands of years, your choices are not just limited to vintage baskets.

In Summary

There are many styles of modern wicker baskets and different patterns are always being created. So dive into the wicker world and see how these amazing baskets can help in your life!

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