Wicker Dining Chairs

wicker dining chairs

It is part of our artistic nature to decorate every single space in our homes. Wicker dining chairs, just like any other piece of furniture, are practically designed to add charm to any space. They are also called seagrass or rattan dining chairs. Their lightweight designs make them versatile and easy to move around. Wicker dining chairs are available in various contemporary designs and modern designs, both indoors and outdoors. You can shop our favorite wicker chairs below.

Wicker Dining Chairs



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How to Choose Wicker Furniture

Wicker dining chairs have a distinct appeal that evoke memories of island living. They are very functional and offer great indoor and outdoor seating options. You can use them in your patio or any other outdoor space.

Pair With Your Dining Table

The ability to pair wicker chairs with other pieces of furniture like dining tables allows you to create a custom home. They are even great especially if you are planning to receive guests or host an outdoor entertainment event. You can pair them based on color and design. Among the popular color choices you can consider include light and dark brown, beige and black among others. They also have natural finishing and can complement any of your existing furniture.

Wicker Dining Chair Material

Different materials are used to manufacture these chairs. The most popular material is Cane. The material is adorable due to its natural, beautiful and distinct color. Cane is sourced from rattan and is both strong and resilient just like rattan itself. It is resistant to both breaking and cracking. The natural shiny appearance of cane makes it hard to paint or tarnish and is great if you adore nature. While others have supportive cushions, others do not. The ones with back and seat cushions are a bit pricier than the ones with no cushions.

Caring for Wicker Dining Chairs

Moreover, others contain synthetic fiber which is used along with rattan and cane. The fiber not only adds comfort but also make these chairs appear fashionable. Regardless of whether you place them indoors or outdoors, these chairs are easy to clean and maintain. They don’t demand any special care. In fact, you can vacuum clean, feather dust or simply wipe them down with a damp rag. You may also want to slap some fresh paint on them over the years to restore the glossiness especially for the outdoor wicker dining chairs. The chairs generally feature wooden legs that provide added stability and support. You can never worry about them breaking.

In Summary

Spruce up your dining room, outdoor patio space, beach or vacation home by adding a whimsical and natural appeal with wicker chairs. They are natural and have been built to tolerate both indoor and outdoor elements giving you years of use. You can find them in sets of two.

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