Wicker Furniture Cushions & Rattan Furniture Cushions

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Why Add Wicker Furniture Cushions?

What image springs to mind when someone says wicker furniture? Perhaps it’s your grandmother’s rocker you used to pretend was a sailboat. Or, perhaps it’s that three-piece outdoor set at your local furniture store, the one been you’ve eyeing for the last month. That aesthetic versatility is just one of the many benefits of decorating with wicker, especially once you accessorize with a vibrant array of outdoor furniture cushions for pops of color.

Is it Rattan or is it Wicker?

As you design your ideal outdoor entertaining space, you will no doubt start with shape and style preferences and then move to durability and maintenance considerations. Wicker furniture can be modern and boxy or curvy and ornate. It can be used to construct sleek sectionals for outdoor dining, generous loungers to place by the pool, or quaint glass-topped side tables perfect for ice tea or daiquiris. However, when you are selecting your color palette, do you purchase wicker furniture cushions or rattan furniture cushions?

Why Choose Wicker Furniture & Rattan Furniture

Rattan is actually a material, a reed, while wicker is a furniture-making technique of weaving natural materials together. What’s more, the wicker technique has been popular with many different cultures for thousands of years, dating back to Ancient Egypt. And, while Rattan is one popular material for crafting wicker furniture, there are many other materials, including synthetic ones that are specifically engineered for outdoor use and durability through wind, rain, and sun.

Completing the Look

Once you’ve identified the style and material of wicker furniture you plan to use in your dream backyard, the last step is marrying the color of your outdoor furniture cushions with the color of the furniture itself. While neutral tans and browns are often featured in displays, the fact of the matter is that outdoor wicker future made from durable materials can really be found in any color under the rainbow. You could go with a turquoise love seat sporting fuchsia wicker furniture cushions, or tan and cobalt blue, or antique white with playful floral pillows. You decide!

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