Sugar Vine Art Light Brown Board Silent Non Ticking Round Battery Operated Handmade Hanging Large 10 Inch Wall Clock for Bedroom Office Cottage Decoration Price: $33.99 (as of 06/14/2023 06:00 PST- Details)


Large 10.5″ Open Face Clock NO COVER OR FRAME. Not Actual Wood. It is a printed image adhered onto a 1/8″ thick hard Masonite wood base. This isn’t a wood clock this is an image custom printed onto an OPEN FACE CLOCK with the no cover over the top. This clock does not need a frame. This can be a rigid 1/8″ thick hard masonite wood base clock face with a quartz clock movement mounted on the back. There is a built-in hanger on the back of the clock movement for easy hanging. Each clock in the shop are handmade to order. This isn’t a store bought plastic clock and the face is almost twice the size of competitors. All parts including the quartz clock movement are made in the united states. CLOCK DETAILS: • Large10.5″ Open face means no cover or frame. • 1/8″ thick hard masonite wood base. • Quartz clock movement made in USA, Guaranteed 2 yrs, AA battery not included. • Large 4.5″ metal (not plastic) hands. • Advisable for indoor use not outdoor. The printed face may also be personalized free if you select. The high resolution image is printed the use of a large format professional laser jet printer producing sharp pictures with vivid colors. This is NOT meant to be an outside clock. Each clock is made to order. Printing and assembling will take 1-2 business days to process. We ship USPS delivery is only 2-5 days. You will have to receive your clock within 7 business days after payment.

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