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Beach Christmas Stockings

When it’s the holiday season, you absolutely need beach Christmas stockings for your entire family. There are so many different beach themed stockings, colors, styles, and more so you can choose the exact set of stockings you need. However, shopping around at stores near you can leave your choices limited.

We put together a list of our favorite coastal Christmas stockings and hopefully you can find some that work for your home decor. Christmas beach decor can be difficult to find, but purchasing the stockings you want to match your home is simple.

Beach Christmas Stockings

How to Choose Beach Christmas Stockings

When it comes to Coastal Christmas Stockings, you want to match the style with your home. Maybe you have more of a tropical home, and in that case you might love the flamingo stockings above. Otherwise, if you love classic beach themes then you will love seashell and starfish Christmas stockings.

We go through everything you need to keep in mind below as you buy new Christmas stockings for your beach themed Christmas. Don’t forget to pick out beach Christmas ornaments as well so your whole home can match!

Coastal Christmas Stockings

Beach and Coastal themed Christmas stockings can vary so you can get a stocking that matches every member of your family. If you have a daughter who loves mermaids, you will love the mermaid themed Xmas stockings that look like a mermaid tail. Or, if you have a son who loves sharks, you can get the shark fin Christmas stocking above. Either way, you can definitely find coastal themes that work for each member of your family.

Modern Beach Christmas Stockings

If you are looking for something more modern, burlap Christmas stockings and soft white and beige colors can look classy and match your beach home. We have a variety of options above so you can find what you are looking for.

DIY Beach Christmas Stockings

There are a ton of Do-It-Yourself beach Christmas stocking projects you can complete by yourself or with family. We pulled some great guides for you so you can create your own coastal themed stockings if you’d like. On Woman’s Day, you can find 20 Festive DIY Christmas Stockings Your Family Will Love. And on DIY Network, you can find 21 Ways to Make Christmas Stockings (With Free Downloadable Patterns).

In Summary

Whether you want matching beach Christmas stockings for the whole family or you want to pick coastal themes for each family member, the stockings above are perfect. While not all of them have specific beach themes on the Christmas stockings, we found colors and styles that would match a home near the coast. If you want an ocean-inspired holiday season, make sure you get Christmas stockings to match all of your Christmas beach decor.

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25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas

beach christmas decor

When you live near the beach, you want seasonal beach decorations throughout the year. Whether it’s summer turning into autumn, or especially autumn into the holiday season, you want coastal inspired Christmas decorations. However, it can be difficult to find inspiration and ideas that you can copy. That’s why we put together a list of beach Christmas decorating ideas that you can use for your next home decor project.

Beach christmas decorations can be very difficult to choose from because there are so many options. You can find beach Christmas stockings, garlands, trees, ornaments, and more. Hopefully, the coastal Christmas decorating ideas below will be all you need for a perfect Holiday.

Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas

1. Transitional Living Room

Transitional-Living-Room-Beach-Christmas-Decorations 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Transitional Living Room – Beach Christmas Decorations

2. Transitional Living Room 2

Transitional-Living-Room-Beach-Christmas-Decorations-2 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Transitional Living Room – Beach Christmas Decorations 2

3. A Summit Landscape and Patio

A-Summit-Landscape-and-Patio-by-Deborah-Cerbone-Associates-Inc. 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
A Summit Landscape and Patio by Deborah Cerbone Associates, Inc.

4. Contemporary Family Room

Contemporary-Family-Room-by-Cortney-Bishop-Design 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Contemporary Family Room by Cortney Bishop Design

5. Cozy Holiday Dining Room

Cozy-Holiday-Dining-Room-by-Hardrock-Construction 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Cozy Holiday Dining Room by Hardrock Construction

6. Hot Holiday Homes

Hot-Holiday-Homes-by-Home-at-Last-Interiors 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Hot Holiday Homes by Home at Last Interiors

7. Stoll Christmas House

Stoll-Christmas-House-by-Falken-Reynolds-Interiors 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Stoll Christmas House by Falken Reynolds Interiors

8. South Florida Style Christmas

South-Florida-Style-Christmas-by-Suzanne-Pignato 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
South Florida Style Christmas by Suzanne Pignato

9. My White Christmas

My-White-Christmas-by-RedAgape-Blog 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
My White Christmas by RedAgape Blog

10. Beach Christmas Decor

Beach-Christmas-Decor-by-Kelly-Nuccitelli 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Beach Christmas Decor by Kelly Nuccitelli

11. LuAnn Development Hermosa Beach

LuAnn-Development-Hermosa-Beach-by-LuAnn-Development-Inc 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
LuAnn Development Hermosa Beach by LuAnn Development Inc

12. Beach Style Christmas

Beach-Style-Christmas-by-At-Home 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Beach Style Christmas by At Home

13. Beach Christmas Decor 2

Beach-Christmas-Decor-2-by-Kelly-Nuccitelli 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Beach Christmas Decor 2 by Kelly Nuccitelli

14. Beach Christmas Decorations 3

Beach-Christmas-Decorations-3-by-Kelly-Nuccitelli 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Beach Christmas Decorations 3 by Kelly Nuccitelli

15. Linden Hills Farmhouse

Linden-Hills-Farmhouse-by-The-Gudhouse-Company 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Linden Hills Farmhouse by The Gudhouse Company

16. South Florida Style Christmas Decor

South-Florida-Style-Christmas-Decor-by-Suzanne-Pignato 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
South Florida Style Christmas Decor by Suzanne Pignato

17. Coastal Christmas Decor

Coastal-Christmas-Decor-by-Iron-Accents 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Coastal Christmas Decor by Iron Accents

18. M Houzz Bay Residence

M-Houzz-Bay-Residence-by-Mina-Brinkey 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
M Houzz Bay Residence by Mina Brinkey

19. Coastal Christmas Tree

Coastal-Christmas-Tree-by-Iron-Accents 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Coastal Christmas Tree by Iron Accents

20. December

December-by-Andrew-Sherman-Photography 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
December by Andrew Sherman Photography

21. Beach Christmas Decorating Idea

Beach-Christmas-Decorating-Idea-by-Houzz-User-RowenACherry 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Beach Christmas Decorating Idea by Houzz User RowenACherry

22. Christmas Holiday House

Christmas-Holiday-House-by-Blue-Envelope-Designs-LLC 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Christmas Holiday House by Blue Envelope Designs LLC

23. Florida Style Christmas Decorations

Florida-Style-Christmas-Decorations-by-Suzanne-Pignato 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Florida Style Christmas Decorations by Suzanne Pignato

24. Jr League Park Lane House

Jr-League-Park-Lane-House-by-Janet-Paik 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Jr League Park Lane House by Janet Paik

25. BB Candles Coastal Christmas

BB-Candles-Coastal-Christmas-by-Bear-Bottom-Candles 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
BB Candles Coastal Christmas by Bear Bottom Candles

26. Christmas 2017

Christmas-2017-by-Robeson-Design 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Christmas 2017 by Robeson Design

27. Cozy Holiday Dining Room

Cozy-Holiday-Dining-Room-by-Hardrock-Construction-1 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Cozy Holiday Dining Room by Hardrock Construction

28. Coastal Christmas Cottage

Coastal-Christmas-Cottage-by-Iron-Accents 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Coastal Christmas Cottage by Iron Accents

29. Beach Inspired Details

Beach-Inspired-Details-by-Robeson-Design 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Beach Inspired Details by Robeson Design

30. White Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

White-Flocked-Christmas-Tree-Decorating-Ideas-by-Robeson-Design 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
White Flocked Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas by Robeson Design

31. Piccadilly House

Piccadilly-House-by-Piccadilly-Design 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Piccadilly House by Piccadilly Design

32. Christmas In A Conservatory

Christmas-In-A-Conservatory-by-Vale-Garden-Houses 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Christmas In A Conservatory by Vale Garden Houses

33. Coastal Vintage Christmas Table Styling

Coastal-Vintage-Christmas-Table-Styling-by-Coastal-Vintage 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Coastal Vintage Christmas Table Styling by Coastal Vintage

34. Christmas Lighting Bakersfield CA

Christmas-Lighting-Bakersfield-CA-by-Keylor-Landscape-and-Christmas-Decor 25+ Beach Christmas Decorating Ideas
Christmas Lighting Bakersfield CA by Keylor Landscape and Christmas Decor

How to Choose Beach Christmas Decorations

We listed some ideas below for your beach Christmas decorations. You can decorate your tree with seashell themed ornaments, you can add starfish garlands to your mantle, and you can use driftwood themes. We listed even more beach Christmas decorating ideas below and linked to some helpful pages with more products.

Beach Christmas Stockings

First, you can start by purchasing matching coastal Christmas stockings. You will find options with sand dollars, mermaids, anchors, seashells, and more. Regardless of your favorite beach theme, you will be able to find beach themed Christmas stockings for the whole family.

Beach Christmas Ornaments

Maybe you love mermaids, you can easily find mermaid Christmas ornaments. Whether you like seashells, starfish, lake themes, nautical themes, or any type of coastal style, you can find beach themed Christmas ornaments that match perfect with your Beach Christmas Decor.

Beach Wreaths

You can find a ton of indoor and outdoor beach wreaths for your beach home. Wreaths can be used all year long and you can find Beach Christmas Wreaths and other coastal styles throughout the year. You can even find a ring and create your own DIY coastal wreaths for your door.

Beach Christmas DIY Ideas

It’s very popular to do Do-It-Yourself (DIY) beach Christmas decorations, especially if you have kids who love to do crafts. Even if you don’t have kids, you will love this list of 50 easy Christmas DIY projects.

In Summary

Every year, if you live near the beach, try to keep adding to your coastal holiday decor and you will have more and more to put out every single year. Maybe you can try to complete 1 Christmas DIY project for a decoration each week leading up to December 25th. Otherwise, you can purchase different coastal Christmas decor like ornaments, stockings, and accents to make your holiday feel like it’s on the sand near the ocean.

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Beach Wall Sconces & Nautical Wall Sconces

beach wall sconces

When it comes to a beach home, you generally want tons of natural light indoors, open space, and beautiful coastal decor to make it feel like you never leave the sand. When you come home at night through the front door, you want nautical wall sconces at the entrance. And when you go outdoors at night to relax on your back patio, you need even more lighting. One of the best options is to choose beach or nautical wall sconces.

We have a variety of our nautical sconces listed below that will mount to the wall on your front porch, the side of your house, on your deck, or on your outdoor patio. They will hang anywhere on your home and you could even use them if you put large wood rods into the ground for decoration on your patio. Hopefully you find a beach themed wall mounted light or lantern that you love!

Nautical Wall Sconces

When it comes to nautical themed wall sconces, you will find plenty of rustic, industrial, and stainless steel sconces.


Beach Wall Sconces

Beach themed wall sconces usually feature seashells, capiz, and coastal themes. Many of them are lighter in color to give off brightness in a beach home.


What is a Wall Sconce?

A sconce is defined as a wall hanging bracket that holds a candle or another light source. The word sconce actually derives from a lantern that could hold a candle and protect it from wind. That’s one reason why they work so well near a coastal home, where there is usually a nice breeze. Beach wall sconces are usually connected to electrical power but you can use candles as well.

How to Choose Beach Wall Sconces

Below are all of the things you should keep in mind as you make your coastal wall sconce purchase. There are plenty of things to consider as far as size, height, weight, light source, style, theme, price, fixture type, shade style, lightbulbs, and more. There are so many lighting options for your beach home, and wall sconces are one of them.

Sconce Style

There are different types of wall sconces to choose from including beach, tropical, nautical, rustic, modern, contemporary, and more. Depending on the rest of your home and the overall style, your decision should be pretty easy. In an open airy tropical home, our palm tree themed wall sconces would be perfect. For an open-sea nautical house, our antique lanterns would be beautiful.

Sconce Size

What height and width would work perfectly for the space? Sometimes outdoors if you have a large space you might want to go with something larger that 15 inches wide and 20 inches tall. On your front porch, you might want something smaller that blends well with the front of your home and doesn’t stand out too much, closer to 10 inches wide and 15 inches tall.


How many lightbulbs do you need for your wall sconce? What kind of light source are you looking for? Incandescent, CFL, and LED are the most popular sources of light and wall sconces usually come in sets of one, however you can find wall mounts with 4 lights or even more.

Beach Wall Sconce Finish

You can find nautical wall sconce finishes featuring nickel, silver, brass, bronze, gold, chrome, white, black, and more. There are different colors and styles of finish whether you need something for a rustic beach home or something more modern and clean.

Sconce Shade

The shade ranges from glass to frosted glass to crystal to fabric. There are many different shade types that go over the wall sconce and protect the light. I prefer clear glass types because they are not only the most popular but I believe they look the nicest.

Lighting Type

There are different types when it comes to lighting in that some are battery powered, others have candles, and the most popular option is electricity. Obviously if you have no power available then you would use battery operated versions or candlelit options. If you have no clue how to install a wall sconce with electrical power, you should be able to find a company that can hook up the electrical for you and even hang it up.

Where To Put Your Sconce?

Sconces usually go in pairs regardless of the lighting type you are using. For electric wall sconces, you would place them on either side of the front door, a fireplace, or across from each other in a hallway. For candle sconces, you usually want to hang them similarly to a picture. You can put two next to each other about a foot apart or you can put one slightly higher than the other and about one foot to the side.

You usually want to put it at least 6 feet in the air but preferably higher depending on the space. A lower sconce will be at eye level for many people and usually you want them to be above you.

If you place a beach wall sconce in a hallway, make sure they don’t go out from the wall too far to avoid people walking into them or any other accidents.

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find exactly the nautical wall sconces you are looking for. These are beautiful beach wall sconces and we have a huge variety above for you to choose from for your beach home. They have that old weathered beach feel but they add a beautiful touch of decor.

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Lighthouse Lamps

lighthouse lamps

You have a lot of great options for lighthouse lamps for your nautical home. How cool is it that we can incorporate an old element of light at sea right within our home in a variety of options, a variety of styles, and a variety of colors? It’s absolutely incredible that we can add old nautical themes like lighthouses, ship wheels, anchors, and more to make us feel like we are on an old sailboat at sea.

We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together a complete list of our absolute favorite lighthouse lamps. Luckily for you there are so many options that you’re sure to find the lighthouse lamp that you were looking for. It will not be difficult at all to find one that will fit perfectly within your home wherever you want to put it. If you live in a home by the coast you know how important it is to bring elements of the outdoors right indoors. Whether it’s bright colors or coastal themes, we want the relaxing feeling that you feel on the open water or at the beach all year round.

Lighthouse Lamps




If you live in the Cape Cod area or northern east coast beaches you know that lighthouses are extremely popular, especially in places like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and more. So since light houses are all over the coast, it’s very easy to put a nautical theme like a lighthouse right within your home and match it perfectly so that everything is seamless and the decor works absolutely perfect.

Lighthouse Lamp Options

Below are some important options and considerations you should keep in mind as you are doing your research and making your next purchase.


One of the first things you want to look for when you’re buying a new lighthouse lamp is the overall quality of the lamp. If it is made with plastic bowl, a break can happen more easily. If it is made with durable materials, it might be a little more expensive but it will usually last longer.

When looking for a nautical lamp there are many brands and websites that you will find that sell them the key is to Book a customer reviews and look at the overall quality and craftsmanship of the products you’re purchasing to decide whether or not they will last long term and whether or not they will be beautiful enough to last with in your home.


We found the lighthouse lamps came and basically every color from white to black to red to brown to silver so it’s very easy to match with the rest of your color scheme. If you use bright colors in your home, there are certainly options for you as well as for people who use more neutral colors like white beige or soft tones of blue and green. If you use nautical colors in your home like navy, red, and white then you might be able to match a lighthouse lamp a little bit easier than you would for other colors.

Lamp Style

One of the most important things about the lighthouse lamp is the overall style because some of them include awesome features that you would only see up close at a lighthouse if you went there in person. Others are smooth and don’t contain the finer details that you might be looking for. For people who love lighthouses you will absolutely want every little detail to be shown on your lamp otherwise it might bother you when you look at it and realize that something is missing. I have climbed to the top of a lighthouse before and you might have done that too, and you know that there are a lot of little details as you go up all the steps inside of the lighthouse.

In Summary

In conclusion, I hope that you’re able to find the new lighthouse lamp that you’ve always been looking for. We hope that our options I have given you everything you need to upgrade your home with the lamp right away. We live on the coast to so we know how important it is to get that outside feeling indoors and to make it feel like we are always on the ship at sea and always hanging out in a boat a relaxing outdoors and soaking up the sun.

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Nautical Quilts and Beach Quilts

beach quilts

Quilts have always been popular for your home and they work great in beach homes. They are an affordable option and there is a ton of variety for you to choose from. However, it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for when shopping from store to store. Where do you go to find all of the best beach quilts in one place?

When you are looking for a new beach bedding set, the options below are perfect for you. We listed the absolute best coastal, beach themed and nautical quilts that you are sure to love. We have themes like seashells, pirates, surfboards, anchors, starfish, mermaids, and more. Regardless of the style or size you are looking for, one of the beach quilts below should suit your needs.

Beach Quilts

We listed some of our absolute favorite beach quilts and nautical quilts below. We have separated them so you can find the theme you are seeking. Our beach options will feature softer, neutral colors along with seashells and other beach elements. Our nautical quilt options will feature elements of the sea and boating like lighthouses, anchors, compasses, sailboats, and more.


Choosing Beach Home Quilts

We go through all of the different things you need to keep in mind as you upgrade your bedroom. Whether you are purchasing a coastal quilt set for your guest bedroom or your master bedroom, the information below will help guide your purchasing decision.

Quilt Size

Quilts come in all the same sizes as comforters and duvet covers including twin, double, full, queen, and king. Many of the options above come in all sizes so you don’t have to worry about the size of your bed. The most popular size in terms of option are twin beach quilts.

Quilt Quality

Depending on your budget, a higher prices quilt will always get you a better quality quilt. And considering you spend hours on end sleeping in your beach home, you want something comfortable you can relax in. Some of the different quilt materials that are popular include 100% cotton, cotton blends, polyester, acrylic, linen, and Egyptian-quality cotton.


When you are looking for nautical quilts for sale, the price can range from $45 all the way above $500 for a quilt set. For the most part, you will find beach quilt sets that around around $75 on average depending on size, theme, style, and overall quality. I always stress that you get what you pay for and that is absolutely true when it comes to bedding.

Quilt Themes

Some of the tropical quilts and other themes you can find include anchors, seashells, starfish, sand dollars, lighthouses, ship wheels, stripes, sailboats, oars, coral, fish, palm trees, and more. If you love the ocean or if you love the open sea, the quilts above can match your home and personality at the same time!

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find exactly what you are looking for. There are tons of options above for quilts that you will love for your beach home. All of the beach, nautical, coastal, and tropical quilts above can help you find the perfect bedding set.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, make sure you contact us at Beachfront Decor. We can try to help you find the right quilt to complete your bedroom.

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Nautical Wood Wall Decor & Wooden Signs

nautical wooden signs

When you are looking for nautical wood wall decor, there are a ton of options to choose from. There are prints that feature nautical themed art, metal plaques, and of course nautical wood signs. However, unless you know woodworking or live near a lot of beach stores, it can be difficult to find nautical wood wall signs for your home. So where do you go to find the best nautical wooden signs?

We put together a list of our favorite wood nautical signs. The wooden signs feature nautical themes such as anchors, lighthouses, ship wheels, compasses, sailboats, life preservers, pirate ships, beach themes, and more. In addition, there will be quotes and sayings on all of the nautical wooden wall decor like “Hope anchors the soul.” Check out over 100 nautical wooden signs below that can be added indoors or outdoors to your beach home.


How to Choose Nautical Wood Wall Art

If you are not sure how to choose wooden signs with a nautical theme, our tips, ideas, and strategies below will help you decide on a final product. Nautical wood art can be difficult to find in a store and hard to choose when shopping online. In order to pick the best wooden signs, you need to follow our tips below.

Wooden Sign Size

The sizes of signs or art usually range from extra small to extra large, with sizes starting around 5 inches on the largest side upwards of 40 inches on the largest side. The most common sizes are generally between 15 inches to 30 inches. In addition, some are horizontal when the largest side is on the top or bottom, and vertical wooden signs have the largest side on the left and right sides.

Nautical Colors

The colors that are featured frequently in nautical design are dark red, dark blue, navy, white, and light grey. In addition, there are also shades of brown and darker shades of blue or red. However, when it comes to nautical wooden signs, there are a lot of different colors so you should not have any problems matching them with your color scheme.

In Summary

You should have everything you need to choose a new nautical wood sign. We love nautical themed wall art with wood themes or in wood material.

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Nautical Pillows and Nautical Throw Pillows

nautical pillows

Nautical Throw Pillows are an underrated aspect of nautical décor that can really go a long way. When it comes to decorating your coastal beach home, you’ll want to look high and far for the right ocean elements and colors to help your room pop. If you have a beach theme throughout and you can incorporate something like a blue and red starfish throw pillow into your décor.

You usually want to use throw pillows on sofas, living room chairs, and beds. Depending on your kitchen table, I have seen them used in kitchens with restaurant-booth style tables. You can also find outdoor versions if you have a teak or wicker patio furniture set.

Nautical Throw Pillows

We started by listing some of our favorite nautical pillows. They are all top-rated and you can mix and match pillow designs, colors, and themes to fit your interior design scheme.


More Nautical Pillows


How to Choose Nautical Throw Pillows

Pillow Color

More important than anything else is the color. You can either choose soft colors that blend with the rest of your décor or look to use your throw pillows for a pop of color. If you have a white couch, using colorful throw pillows can be a great idea. However, in a white cottage beach home, you might just want to use a white pillow with a soft beach element on it.

Pillow Design

If you are using a specific beach themed element in your design like starfish, anchors, sand dollars, crabs, or seashells, you want to keep that design going with your pillows. Otherwise, you can look for different patterns and colors that would match the room you are decorating in your beach house.

Pillow Quality

Look for quality over quantity. You don’t need 10 throw pillows, but rather 2-4 pillows that can help highlight your beach décor and make your interior design be something people envy.

Pillow Comfort

You end up using throw pillows a lot to lean on or even rest your head on, so comfort is an important quality you don’t want to forget. Sometimes spending the extra few dollars for a comfortable toss pillow becomes worth it immediately.

Pillow Patterns

You want to avoid patterned throw pillow designs on patterned couches, and vice versa. A bold white couch is accented nicely by a blue pattern throw pillow, but a floral couch might look better with just a bold color rather than adding it more designs and colors to the color pallet.

Nautical Pillows vs. Nautical Pillow Covers

One benefit of using Pillow Covers is they are generally easier to clean and maintain as you can always just replace the pillow and clean the cover. However, pillows many times are more luxurious and comfortable if you buy a high-quality option. All in all, both have their benefits and drawbacks so just keep in mind you have an option for both.

In Summary

Hopefully, you find the nautical throw pillow of your dreams here at Beachfront Décor. We aim to give you our favorite options so you can create the design in your beach house that you desire. As far as beach home toss pillows, you won’t get or find many better options than the ones listed above.

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Beach Doormats and Coastal Doormats

Beach Doormats

If you want to give the beach or nautical vibe from the time your guests get to your front door, look at these beach doormats. All of them are a perfect welcome into a beautiful coastal home. Instead of having a bare porch or deck, add one of these doormats. You can also use them as an accent, if you have a light blue theme outdoors, pick a color and a beach theme that will help everything flow together.

Buying Beach Doormats: The three most important things are the quality of the material, quality of the design, and durability. You want a durable doormat because you don’t want to have to replace it all the time. You want a design that matches with your front or back door and works with the rest of your overall color scheme. Lastly, the material of the doormat is important.

Beach Doormats

You can see the gallery of our doormats below but if you want a complete list with descriptions, scroll down even further. You can buy any of the styles you see at this page by clicking ‘Learn More’ below any of the products.


More Beach Doormats

Since this article is popular, we have a complete listing of our beach themed doormats below. You will find some duplicates to the ones above but this is an exhaustive list of every coastal doormat offered here at Beachfront Decor.


How to Choose Beach Doormats

Doormat Color

You want to find a color that matches your overall design. If you are using a beach doormat outside of your front door, you might want one that includes colors similar to your home with an accent color similar to the color of your door. Otherwise, you can go with a brown coir doormat, which can be neutral regardless of color scheme. All in all, you want a doormat that looks like it belongs and not a bright yellow doormat where there might be more neutral coloring.

Doormat Design

Do you want an intricate beach themed design on your doormat? Are you looking for something more nautical like a large anchor? Do you want something playful like a beach themed jellybean doormat? We have everything you might be looking for, whether you like seashells, starfish, sand dollars, crabs, anchors, compasses, ship wheels, sand, ocean, flip flops, sandals, or palm tree themed doormat designs.

Doormat Price

Doormats can range anywhere from about $10 to $125. More expensive doormats tend to be more durable and include more appealing overall designs, in addition to being ultra non-slip. Cheaper doormats will slip and wear away over time, meaning you have to replace them quicker. Thicker doormats also tend to be a bit more expensive due to the durability. In the end, you want to find a doormat at a price that works best for you with an understanding of how that doormat will hold up long-term.

Doormat Material

The most popular materials include synthetic plastics, coir, natural fiber, rubber, plastic, metal, and even wood. Different materials work better for different situations, for example natural fiber tends to be better for wiping your shoes and metal doormats tend to be more durable.

Doormat Features

I always recommend a doormat with non-slip backing because you don’t have to worry about it moving around your porch during use or during bad weather. Many doormats are stain-resistant so you can quickly wash them with a hose and they won’t hold onto dirty and mud forever (or sand, in case you live near the beach!). Some doormats are reversible so you can flip them two different ways, although I don’t recommend these options. Lastly, I believe in looking for anti-fatigue doormats, which are more pricey but hold their color and design long-term.

Doormat Words

Finding doormats with writing on them can also help with adding a coastal touch. Some lines can also have a touch of humor, which can make them a fun topic of discussion amongst your guests. A simple “Welcome” can also look very inviting when written over the sands of a beach.

Doormat Personalization

Customized doormats are the new trend where you can have your name or a family name mentioned on the doormat. It is one of the best ideas for a beach theme party where a doormat makes the guest smile right at the entrance and sets the expectations of the party inside.

Nautical Doormats

Other kind of doormats could include sailing objects like ships and boats made on them. It could be an entire ship or parts of ship like the steering wheel, the helm, the anchor of a ship or even pirate face. Such designs make the doormats stand out and grab everyone’s attention. For those who love sophistication, doormats with kinds of sea-shell patterns can be a great choice. In fact, there are also doormats that are shaped as a large sea-shell available in the market that can be used at the other doors like outside the bathroom. Placing them inside the house will add them to the furnishings of the house and make their beautiful designs not go unnoticed.

Coir Doormats

One of the most popular type of doormat is the classic coir doormat. Coir doormats are usually brown and made with woven materials. They are thick and perfect for the outdoors because they are weather-resistant. They will last long especially if you get a high-quality one, and they make beautiful beach printed coir doormats.

Decorating Your Beach Home

One of the best themes to opt for your house is the beach theme. It is an ever-green theme that will never go out of trends. Everybody loves the beaches for one reason or the other. Some like their sunny side while some others love the soothing waves. The beach theme is also very easy to achieve without too many alterations to the existing furnishings of the house. This makes it an ideal theme for parties where the beach look can be given to your house without having to splurge on every furnishing.

Making small changes to your home can help you achieve a beach theme décor. One of the most easy decoration idea is changing the doormats. A doormat at the entrance of your house with waves, sand or sea-shells can instantly set the mood of a beach. Similarly, doormats with rocky prints can create an adventurous beach theme. Beach doormats add color and freshness to your house. Some more ideas for beach doormats are having sea creatures made on them. Such doormats are adorable and can get both kids and adults super excited. Be it fishes, starfish, crabs, turtles, snails or any other sea creatures, the presence of these prints can make your doormat look very stylish.



Finishing Beach Home Decor

Beach doormats do not have to be used only to create a beach theme. They can be added to any casual furnishings of your house to add freshness and brightness. However, if you are trying to achieve a beach theme, then using light blue shades for curtains with sea-shell patterned motifs and hanging mirrors with shell frames can do the job. If available some blue and white cushions can be added to the sofa to strengthen the look further. Placing show-pieces that have elements of sand or hanging up decorative pieces in the form of a star-fish can complete the look.

In Summary

Make sure you get yourself a nice outdoor beach doormat so your visitors clean off their shoes. An indoor doormat would help bring a room together and can almost be used as a decorative accent. If you have nice hardwood floors, getting a blue, green, or sand colored mat can help the room look more impressive. You can also make sure you have something to catch the dust and dirt that you might bring in on your shoes or feet.

There are many overlooked aspects to home decorating, and doormats can fall into that category sometimes. Since they are small and not usually in eye view, homeowners can turn a blind eye to this important home decoration.

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Coastal Throw Pillows & Beach Throw Pillows

beach throw pillows

When you are decorating a bed or a couch, there’s a lot to consider. From the colors you choose to the beach or nautical themed elements you want to pop. One of the most important things to buy are beach throw pillows that can be used to bring that feeling of the ocean, the sand, and the open water right indoors.

We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together a list of our favorite coastal, tropical, and beach throw pillows for you to go through. We understand it can be a difficult decision so we tried to put our absolute favorites forward for you so you can make the best decision.

Below you will find our favorite beach throw pillows and then if you keep scrolling you will see some design tips, color schemes, and more that can help guide your buying decision. We also have lists of Amy Sia pillows and nautical throw pillows for you to browse as well.


More Coastal Throw Pillows

Hopefully, you are able to find something above amongst all of the options, but if you haven’t you have a ton of options below as well. We want you to get the coastal throw pillow that not only has the right color and elements but also fits perfectly on your couch.

All of the ones below are the beach throw pillows we have for sale including covers as well.



Choosing Beach Throw Pillows

In order to find throw pillows you won’t bury at the bottom of your closet, you need to know how to purchase beach themed throw pillows. We listed all of the things you should keep in mind as you are picking out coastal throw pillows or covers. You can have a better understanding of all of the different things you should keep in mind in terms of price, beach style, and more.

Beach Themed Pillows

What beach theme do you want on your throw pillows? Do you want to feature starfish, seashells, sand dollars, coral, anchors, mermaids, flip flops, or something similar on your throw pillows? One of the best first steps you can take is choosing a theme. You can narrow down options to something like turtle pillows or ocean throw pillows.

Embellishments and Texture

The wrong texture can be too hot or uncomfortable. There are embellishments like beads that can be very annoying and frustrating if you are trying to use it to rest. In addition, certain textures will be scratchy and terrible for your face, to the point where you wake up with an annoying red spot on your face.

Pillow Color

Of course you want to pick colors that fit the scheme of your home. However, sometimes going with something with white and just one accent color like orange, blue, coral, or green can be a great way to flow the color with the rest of your color scheme. Otherwise, patterns like chevron or prints that include beach themes can work well.


You absolutely want to find throw pillows within your budget, but many beach themed pillows are extremely affordable. Keep in mind, some are throw pillow covers and others are the actual throw pillows themselves. You pay more for the actual pillows and they are more difficult to replace while throw pillow covers can be more convenient.

What Are Throw Pillows?

Decorative pillows that you use primarily to improve you overall decor are usually referred to as throw pillows. They can be a quick way to add that final touch to a bedroom or a living room, or any home where you have furniture. If you are trying to do a home makeover for less, pillows can be a nice quick fix.

Improving Your Beach Home Decor

The most important thing you want to remember from the list above is color, because a pillow that is too bright or too dull will have a negative effect. You don’t want to add a bright orange color on just your pillow if it doesn’t flow with the rest of the home. Colors and the patterns need to blend in perfectly and not contrast whatsoever.

Depending on the size of your furniture, you need larger pillows for larger couches while smaller options won’t fit well. You also don’t want to overdo it because then it takes a minute just rearranging everything on the couch before you can finally sit down.

In Summary

Beach throw pillows are very important to your coastal home and overall decor. Throw pillows and covers are usually pretty affordable and can make a big difference to help a room pop. There are so many different options with beach, coastal, and tropical themes to fill your needs.

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Coastal And Beach Floor Lamps

beach floor lamps

Beach floor lamps are perfect in a beach home because you want to accentuate the coastal theme in your home. Natural light makes everything in the room look more beautiful, but when the sun goes down you need lamps and lighting for the nighttime. That’s why we decided to put together our complete list of beach floor lamps.

We curated beach themed floor lamps for sale that would go perfectly in any home near the ocean. We have a variety in terms of style, price, height, brightness, and more. Coastal floor lamps can basically be placed anywhere unlike table lamps where you need an actual surface for, so they are more versatile around your home. You can frame a desk with two floor lamps or put one in the corner. You can also find a lot different options where the top of the lamp will bend over your couch or room.


Our Beach Floor Lamps

Hopefully you are able to find something above that will light up your space and add a touch of coastal beauty as well. We all want a beach-inspired home and getting the right decor is the best first step you can take. If nothing above suits your needs, luckily we have our complete list below of tropical, nautical, beach, and coastal floor lamps that we have in stock.


How to Choose Beach Floor Lamps

In order to buy the best beach floor lamp for your coastal home, you need to know the best buying tips. We all of the things you should keep in mind as you look for beach floor lamps for sale.

Beach Style Lamps

You can find floor lamps that feature a rope theme and others that have a seashell shade. We have styles like driftwood, crabs, seashells, rope, mosaic tiles, lighthouses, and more. You want to find something that fits perfectly and helps make the room look better while also shining light.

Lamp Brightness

Some floor lamps offer dimming options while others can be extremely bright. Are you looking for a soft light for the nighttime so you can wind down? Or are you looking for a bright light because you like to read in your living room? Make sure you look at the type of light bulbs you purchase and how many light bulbs go into the lamp. I also prefer lamps where you can set that 1, 2, 3, or 4 lights are on at any time.

Lamp Height

Lamps mostly come in the same height but you need to make sure it fits in your living room and doesn’t stand out as being too tall. A shorter lamp might not work all that well either if the light shines too bright.

Lamp Price

Price ties back to overall design quality and the quality of material used to make a lamp. More expensive lamps are generally heavier and feature more craftsmanship and fine details while cheaper lamps may be lighter, only feature one light bulb and one setting.


The lamp you put in your living room might be different than the bedroom and home office. You might want something brighter in your home office and something softer in the living room where you go to relax. Keep in mind the room you are putting the lamp in and exactly what you are looking for.


Benefits of Beach Floor Lamps

Reduce Eye Strain

A floor lamp with the right shade can provide the right ambiance in your home and lighting so your eyes don’t hurt from the light bulb and so your eyes don’t strain from brightness. A beach floor lamp can be absolutely perfect for your eyes so you don’t have any long term effects.

Save Space

Floor lamps can be very compact and you don’t need a large end table to hold it. Putting a floor lamp in the corner of your living room for example can take up minimal space but also be bright enough to have light at night.</