21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

If you’re looking to bring a breezy, coastal vibe into your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. The beach inspires a relaxed yet sophisticated style that works perfectly for coastal kitchens. In this blog post, we’ll share plenty of coastal kitchen ideas to help you recreate the beach house feel in your own home.

From calming blue hues to weathered wood finishes, we’ll cover all the elements that define the coastal kitchen aesthetic. You’ll find creative ways to incorporate coastal textures, materials, colors, and accessories. With some simple updates, you can transform your kitchen into a space that feels bright, airy, and seaside-chic.

1. Coastal Kitchen, Los Angeles

I love how open and bright this beautiful coastal kitchen is. The blue island really stands out against the white cabinets!

1-OTM-Designs-Remodeling-Inc 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

OTM Designs & Remodeling, Inc.

2. Luxury Oceanfront SEAclusion

The shiplap walls and brass pendant lighting, along with the beautiful wood floors, add such warmth to this stunning kitchen. And the best part about this kitchen is that it has an ocean view!

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2-SAGA-Realty-Construction-SEAclusion 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

SAGA Realty & Construction, SEAclusion

3. White Beachy Kitchen

Bright white kitchens are a classic and timeless look, especially in a coastal-style home. A neat aspect of this kitchen is the built-in wine cooler on the side of the counter.

3-Renaissance-Design-Studio-Murray-Homes 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Renaissance Design Studio, Murray Homes

4. Intracoastal Beach Home

The tile backsplash in this kitchen looks so pretty paired with the counters and the cabinetry. The starfish in the window add the perfect beachy touch.

4-BaumHouse-Design 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

BaumHouse Design

5. Navy is a Neutral Ranch Remodel & Addition

The first two things that stand out in this lovely kitchen are the blue island and the stunning backsplash.

5-Waterview-Kitchens-Intracoastal-Beach-Home-Jack-Bates-Photography 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Waterview Kitchens, Intracoastal Beach Home, Jack Bates Photography

6. Cardinal Rd.

I love the nautical, rustic feel of this kitchen. The wood hood and the matching open shelves are two of my favorite features.

6-KBG-Design 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

KBG Design

7. Van Drunen Project

There’s a lot to love in this stunning kitchen, but the blue backsplash and light fixtures really stand out the most to me.

7-Holmes-and-Salter-Interiors-Cardinal-Rd-Abby-Caroline-Photography 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Holmes and Salter Interiors, Cardinal Rd, Abby Caroline Photography

8. Edgerton 1910 / Point Breeze

Between the countertops, the metal hood, the wood pantry, the rattan chairs, and the butchers block counter space below the window, the mixed materials in this kitchen blend so well. And the shelves are styled so beautifully.

8-Freestyle-Interiors-Van-Drunen-Project 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Freestyle Interiors, Van Drunen Project

9. Beach Haven Coastal Cottage

The shade of blue paired with the warm white subway tile in this coastal kitchen gives it a calming and tranquil feel. The extra storage on the side of the island is a neat feature, as well!

9-Shelton-Design-Build-Photo-by-MissLPhotography 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Shelton Design Build, Photo by MissLPhotography

10. Island Family Retreat

I love how the wood floors, wooden counter stools, and wooden oars hanging on the wall give this beautiful kitchen a rustic feel.

10-Michael-Pagnotta-Architects-Beach-Haven-Coastal-Cottage-John-Martinelli-Photography 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Michael Pagnotta Architects, Beach Haven Coastal Cottage, John Martinelli Photography

11. Island Family Retreat – Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen

The open shelves in lieu of cabinets have such a unique and beautiful look. But the big picture window with that view is definitely the best part about this kitchen!

11-Marthas-Vineyard-Interior-Design-Island-Family-Retreat-Eric-Roth-Photography 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design, Island Family Retreat, Eric Roth Photography

12. British West Indies Custom Home in Naples

The contrast between the bright white kitchen and the black trim details gives this coastal kitchen more of a modern look.

12-Simonsen-Hickok-Interiors-British-West-Indies-Custom-Home-Naples 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Simonsen-Hickok Interiors, British West Indies Custom Home Naples

13. Philadelphia Coastal Style Kitchen

I love the scallop-shaped backsplash in this nautical kitchen; it really adds a fun and unique look to the room.

13-Kimberly-Barr-Interior-Design 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Kimberly Barr Interior Design

14. Murrieta Coastal Kitchen Project

What’s not to love in this amazing kitchen? From the built-in bench to the light fixtures, especially the capiz shell chandelier, the backsplash, and the cabinet colors, this kitchen is beautifully designed!

14-Joselyn-Rendon-Interiors-Murrieta-Coastal-Kitchen-Project 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Joselyn Rendon Interiors, Murrieta Coastal Kitchen Project

15. Beach House in Avalon New Jersey

I love how open and airy this space is, but the best part about it is the view.

15-Purdy-OGwynn-Architects-Halkin_Mason-Photography 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Purdy O’Gwynn Architects, Halkin_Mason Photography

16. Palm Harbor Coastal Kitchen

The beautiful mixed-blue backsplash gives this traditional coastal kitchen a pop of character.

16-SW-Kitchens-Palm-Harbor-Coastal-Kitchen 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

S&W Kitchens, Palm Harbor Coastal Kitchen

17. Charleston Kitchen Remodels

The wood-coffered ceiling is the first thing that caught my eye in this lovely coastal kitchen. The blue island, white cabinets, and wood floors pair so well together, too.

17-Sea-Level-Construction-HM-Construction-Services 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Sea Level Construction, H&M Construction Services

18. Chicago Beach Style Kitchen

This is a beautifully designed kitchen; from the chairs, the island color matching the open shelves, to the light fixtures and the decor, everything about it is stunning.

18-Timber-Trails-Development-Company 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Timber Trails Development Company

19. Coastal Kitchen Miami #1

I love how the backsplash looks like sea glass in this lovely kitchen. The rattan counter stools are very unique and look great with the wood ceiling.

19-MHK-Architecture-Planning 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

MHK Architecture & Planning

20. Coastal Kitchen Miami #2

Bright and beautiful are the first things that come to mind when I see this kitchen. I really like how the backsplash resembles ocean waves, creating even more of a beachy feel.

20-MHK-Architecture-Planning 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

MHK Architecture & Planning

21. Beachside Village

A rolling ladder in the kitchen to reach the top cabinets? Yes please! Not only is this kitchen beautiful, but it has some really fun characteristics as well. For instance, the colorful counter stools, the light fixtures, and the lovely blue cabinets

21-Seaside-Construction-Custom-Home-Builder-Beachside-Village 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Seaside Construction – Custom Home Builder, Beachside Village

10 Things to Focus on in Your Coastal Kitchen

If you’re building a coastal home, remodeling, or even just redecorating your kitchen, there are several different features that can help you achieve this look.

1. Coastal Backsplash

One of the easiest features that can give your kitchen a coastal feel is backsplash. There are so many styles to choose from, but the sea glass-inspired ones and subway tile are two of the most popular.

Find Your Coastal Kitchen Backsplash

coastal-kitchen-backsplashes 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Shop Backsplashes

2. Countertops

A popular countertop choice for coastal homes is quartz for its durability and look. There are several different styles of quartz that would look beautiful in a coastal style home such as, Calacatta, Carrara, and Cambria and many others. A few other options for countertops would be butchers block and marble.

3. Coastal Kitchen Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are a great way to add character to your kitchen. Pendant lights look great over islands and sinks, while chandeliers look great over tables and/or breakfast nooks.

Find Your Coastal Kitchen Lighting

coastal-light-fixtures-for-your-kitchen 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Shop Kitchen Lighting

4. Beach Cabinetry

Colorful cabinets are very popular in coastal homes, especially blue ones. A trend that homeowners tend to like is matching cabinets to their islands. But if you want to keep it classic, white cabinets are truly timeless.

5. Open Shelving

A lot of coastal kitchens have open shelves somewhere located in their kitchen area. Whether they’re above a wet bar or in the main area of the kitchen, you usually see them decorated with white serveware or beach style decor.

6. Decorative Range Hoods

Most kitchens these days have some type of decorative range hood. In coastal homes, wood hoods or shiplap hoods are used frequently and look very beautiful. Another option would be metal, which also looks very nice with stainless steel appliances.

7. Flooring

Wood flooring is the most popular choice for flooring, but in recent years luxury vinyl plank flooring has become extremely popular for its look and durability in high traffic areas. There are tons of options when choosing which floor would look best in your kitchen, but oak and light oak look very pretty in coastal kitchens.

8. Coastal Counter Stools

There are so many styles of counter stools to choose from when it comes to decorating your kitchen. Some popular options for coastal style kitchens are rattan, which is very similar to wicker, backless, wood, metal and upholstered.

Find Your Coastal Kitchen Stools

coastal-counter-stools 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Shop Counter Stools

9. Coastal Kitchen Decor

A simple way to give your kitchen a coastal look is with decor. Think seashells, decorative bowls, starfish, or any kind of nautical decor.

Find Your Coastal Kitchen Decorations

coastal-kitchen-decor 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Shop Coastal Kitchen Decor

10. Open Windows

The more natural light the better in coastal kitchens. Especially if you have a view, whether it be the ocean or tropical trees. Having windows in your kitchen is a great way to add more light.

Find Your Kitchen Essentials and Accessories

shop-figment-coastal-accessories-and-decorations-1 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Shop Kitchen Essentials and Accessories

5 Coastal Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Use Ocean-Inspired Colors

One of the quintessential elements of coastal decor is soft, ocean-inspired colors. Think light and airy hues like aqua, pale blue, sand, and seafoam green. Use these colors when painting your kitchen cabinets, walls, or on accent pieces like bar stools or the backsplash. The light colors will give your kitchen a breezy, beachy vibe. Stick to a color palette inspired by the sea.

Find Mudpie Beach Kitchen Decorations

mudpie-coastal-kitchen-decorations 21 Incredible Coastal Kitchen Ideas

Shop Mudpie Kitchen Decorations

Incorporate Weathered Wood Finishes

Weathered driftwood and seaside inspired wood finishes are a must for achieving the coastal look. For your kitchen, consider a reclaimed wood dining table, exposed wood shelves, or a whitewashed cabinet finish. Distressed wood bar stools also work well. The worn, vintage look of weathered wood adds warmth and texture.

Display Plenty of Lighting and Glassware

Coastal style kitchens tend to have an open, airy ambiance. Use plenty of lighting like pendant lights, sconces and sunshine-filled windows. Display glassware like wine glasses, vases and hurricane candle holders. The light will shine through the glassware beautifully, enhancing the relaxed style. Ample lighting keeps the vibe uplifting.

Add Touches of Natural Texture

Liven up your coastal kitchen with natural textures that bring the outdoors in. Use items like woven baskets, rattan cabinet pulls, driftwood trays, seashells, starfish, sand dollars, sea glass and more. Natural elements mixed with beachy hues create a serene environment.

Finish with Fun Coastal Accessories

Have fun rounding out your beach-chic style with charming coastal decor accessories. Ideas include a printed beach towel for the oven handle, a “gone coastal” sign on the wall, coral or seashell knobs, anchors on dishes or napkins, and vases filled with greenery. Pops of creativity let your personality shine.


With the right light and airy color palette, natural textures, and a few well-chosen coastal-inspired accessories, you can easily achieve the breezy style of a beach house kitchen. Start with just a couple of simple updates, then keep adding more elements over time. Before you know it, you’ll have a coastal kitchen oasis right in your own home.

We hope you enjoyed reading about all the different ways to embrace the coastal kitchen style. Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own unique ways to incorporate this casual, laidback look. The beach vibe is all about relaxation and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

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