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Ideas For Your Nautical Pendant Lights

When you are fixing up your nautical beach home, there’s so much for you to consider. From the doormat to the area rugs to the bedding sets, you might forget about lighting fixtures. That’s why we put together this list of the best nautical pendant lights and beach pendant lights to add character and style to your kitchen or dining room.
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What Are Nautical Pendant Lights?

Nautical pendant lights are lighting fixtures that have a coastal, beachy theme. They often feature materials like rope, shells, metal, and glass. The shapes tend to be simplistic yet striking, like sailor knots, buoys, anchors, and ships’ wheels.

Nautical lights allow you to infuse any room with a relaxing, seaside feel. They work well in coastal cottages but can also add personality to modern spaces.

Why You Need Beach Pendant Lights

Many people are using nautical pendant lights as an option for lighting because they are so versatile and come in a variety of beach, nautical, and tropical styles. This is because they are known to have a unique and stylish look that can improve the interior design of a home. They go a long way in providing a unique atmosphere as far as room lighting is concerned. Nautical pendant lights can give pools of light over the counter-top. That is the reason why they are suitable above a desk or in some other places, including where you wash dishes or sit in a bar area.

15 Nautical Pendant Lights I Love



How to Choose Nautical Pendant Lights

Nautical pendant lights are a great way to bring coastal vibes into your home. With styles ranging from modern to vintage, glass to rope, there are so many options to choose from. This guide will walk you through different types of nautical lights and how to incorporate them into your home decor.

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Nautical Pendant Lights For Coastal Kitchens

Kitchens are natural for pendant lights and hanging lighting fixtures. You can put them above a bar area where you have stools that overlook the kitchen. You can put one that goes over the sink and hangs down for additional light. You can put a set of 3 hanging pendant lights that goes over your kitchen table. There are different areas for hanging pendant lighting around your kitchen so you should be able to find something.

Benefits of Nautical Pendant Lighting

There are many reasons to choose nautical pendant lighting:

  • Sets a theme – Nautical lights instantly evoke thoughts of sunny beaches and boating adventures. They establish a coastal motif.
  • Adds personality – Rope, shells, and beachy colors inject character into boring spaces. Nautical pendants show off your unique style.
  • Versatile – With diverse shapes and finishes, nautical lights work in traditional, modern, industrial, and other aesthetics.
  • Focal point – Draws attention upwards, creating an artistic centerpiece. Makes a statement.
  • Soothing ambiance – The natural textures and ocean inspiration create a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Popular Types of Nautical Pendant Lights

Types of Nautical Pendant Lights

We listed our favorite nautical pendant lights below so you can find the best options for your home. Some of the options include brass and silver nautical-themed hanging light fixtures. In addition, there are others that feature hanging rope pendants with a light at the end.

Nautical Rope Pendant Lights

Rope pendant lights feature braided rope wrapped around a metal frame. Some rope is left dangling for an authentic nautical look. These ropes lights have a casual, beachy vibe perfect for porches, kitchens, and dens.

Alba 1 – Light Aged Bronze Brushed Single Pendant

Alba-1-Light-Aged-Bronze-Brushed-Single-Pendant Ideas For Your Nautical Pendant Lights

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Glass Globe Pendant Lights

Glass globes often use shades of blue, green, or clear textured glass. The globes mimic vintage buoys and glass fishing floats. They filter light beautifully for a soft ambiance.

Crownfield 1 – Light Single Nautical Pendant

Crownfield-1-Light-Single-Nautical-Pendant Ideas For Your Nautical Pendant Lights

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Shell Pendant Lights

As the name suggests, these lights incorporate real or faux seashells. Style variations include dangling strands of shells or shells surrounding a central light fixture. The natural texture of shells creates striking shadows.

Icarus 1 – Light Satin Nickel Nautical Pendant

Icarus-1-Light-Satin-Nickel-Nautical-Pendant Ideas For Your Nautical Pendant Lights

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Metal Cage Lights

Metal cage pendants are modeled after vintage lanterns and ship lights. The cage frame casts cool shadows. These industrial nautical lights suit modern, urban spaces.

Finnick 1 – Light Lantern Pendant

Finnick-1-Light-Lantern-Pendant Ideas For Your Nautical Pendant Lights

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Anchor Lights

Anchor pendants range from mini anchors holding lightbulbs to massive statement anchors with built-in lighting. The anchor shape makes these lights immediately recognizable as nautical.

Best Places to Use Nautical Pendant Lights

Nautical pendant lights can go in just about any room, but here are some of the most popular spots:

Nautical Entryway Pendants

Welcome guests to your coastal abode with a rope or shell pendant light in the entryway. Use a large statement fixture to make an impression.

Nautical Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

Kitchen islands are a perfect place for pendant illumination. Cluster 3-5 nautical pendants in various sizes and heights over the island for character.

Dining Rooms Pendants

Define the dining space with a linear row or grouping of matching nautical pendants. Opt for blue or green glass globes for soothing mealtime lighting.

Bathroom Pendant Lights

Even small bathrooms can benefit from a single pendant light. Try a braided rope light or mini anchor fixture.

Porch Lights

Sheltered porches are ideal for large rope lights. The casual style matches the outdoor setting.

Bedroom Lights

For bedrooms, choose a soft ambient fixture like a frosted glass globe pendant or cascading shell light.

Design Tips for Nautical Pendant Lights

Follow these tips to seamlessly incorporate nautical pendants:

  • Stick to a blue-green-white color palette for a cohesive coastal look.
  • Layer pendant lighting with recessed lights for ample illumination. Pendants alone may not provide enough light.
  • Cluster 3-5 pendants of varying heights over kitchen islands and dining tables. The grouped look is on-trend.
  • Choose durable materials like metal, rope, and shells to withstand moisture in bathrooms, kitchens, and porches.
  • Look for UL-wet listed pendants for installation in damp locations like covered patios.
  • Use pendants made from real shells, wood, or rope for authenticity. Faux materials look cheap.
  • For vintage appeal, opt for cage, lantern, or glass float styles. Modern shells and rope look more beachy.
  • Make a statement with oversized fixtures. Nautical pendants can be art.
  • Install pendant lighting at eye level or slightly above to maximize visibility.


Are nautical pendants only for beach houses?

Absolutely not! The right nautical light can add personality to any style. While the coastal vibe pairs perfectly with shiplap walls and whitewashed furniture, nautical pendants also liven up urban lofts, modern kitchens, industrial spaces, and more.

How do you clean nautical pendant lights?

Carefully dust glass and metal pendants with a microfiber duster or cloth. Use a gentle cleaner specifically meant for lighting fixtures. NEVER spray cleaner directly onto the pendant. For shells, gently wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust. Use extra care, as shells can crack and break.

Can you hang nautical pendants outdoors?

Yes, as long as the pendant light is UL-wet listed and suited for outdoor use. Installing a covered porch can allow you to use indoor-rated pendants outside. Make sure there is sufficient roof overhang protecting the light from rain.

What are nautical pendants made of?

Nautical pendant materials include:

  • Rope/twine – tied into decorative knots and wrappings
  • Metal – forged into cages, frames, anchors
  • Glass – shaped into orb shades or lanterns
  • Shells – real or simulated shells
  • Wood – carved into buoys or boat shapes


With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect nautical pendant lights to complete your coastal decor. Cluster blue glass globes over the kitchen island, install a statement metal anchor fixture in the foyer, or hang a braided rope pendant on the porch. Nautical lights add personality, set a relaxing mood, and transform any space into your own private oasis.

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