21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

If you have a beach home, you want to create the perfect coastal bedroom design. With these coastal-themed bedroom ideas, you should be able to find ideas for your home. There is a lot to think about as far as wall colors, lighting, area rugs, bedding, wall decor, curtains, and accent furniture. A lot of people use shiplap walls, which are a classic coastal look. We all want massive windows that look out over the ocean for the view and the natural light.

You can use different designs for your coastal master bedroom, kids bedrooms, and guest bedrooms. Pick and choose your favorite elements below, and look for unique decorations that you will love for years. Let’s look at some of my favorite coastal bedrooms.

1. Vern Yip’s Rosemary Beach Vacation Home

A beautifully decorated coastal bedroom room with a gorgeous view of Rosemary Beach. I love the massive windows not only for the views but also for the natural light.

1-Vern-Yip-Rosemary-Beach-Vacation-Home 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Marvin

2. The Mallard Project Coastal Bedroom

A bright, white bedroom with the prettiest pops of pink. The rattan decor gives this bedroom just the right coastal touch.

2-The-Mallard-Project-Andrea-Pietrangeli 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Check out this Design

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Find Beautiful Coastal Bedding For Your Bedroom

discover-the-best-coastal-bedding-on-amazon-1 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

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3. Master Bedroom Office Suite

This bedroom is beautifully decorated with the bed framing, light fixtures, the storage baskets, and coral throw pillows. I love the unique bedside lights as well.

3-The-Good-Home-Interiors-Design-Maine-Photo-Company-Liz-Donnelly 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by The Good Home – Interiors & Design

4. St. Moritz – Legno Bastone European Elegance Collection

A coastal-style bedroom that opens up to a beautiful backyard and pool? Just dreamy!

4-St.-Moritz-Legno-Bastone-European-Elegance-Collection 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring

5. Coastal Calm

Talk about a cozy cottage style bedroom with a blue shiplap ceiling and vintage style furnishings. The shape of the ceiling gives this beachy style bedroom a unique look. I also love all of the windows for natural light.

5-Southern-Studio-Interior-Design-Coastal-Calm-Dustin-Peck-Photography-1 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Southern Studio Interior Design

6. Coastal Elegance Vero Beach

The wood ceiling adds such warmth to this gorgeous tropical bedroom. The coastal table lamps on the nightstands are perfect. I also love the large plant in the corner along with the view out of the window.

6-Seaside-Interiors-by-Our-Boat-House-Coastal-Elegance-Vero-Beach 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Seaside Interiors By Our Boat House

7. Seascape

I love this modern coastal bedroom. The entire design is stunning and the windows and black frame give this bedroom character. It has the vibe of a nautical bedroom as well.

7-Seascape-APEX-Studios-Santa-Maria-Inc 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Apex-Studio Santa Maria, Inc.

8. Hill Country Remodel

This is a beautifully decorated coastal themed bedroom idea for a smaller space. I love the unique bed frame design, the beaded beach chandelier, the beach table lamp, and the contrasting coastal nightstands.

8-Robin-Gonzales-Interiors-Hill-Country-Remodel 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Robin Gonzales Interiors

9. 9th Street

A genius idea to save space in a small room is with built-in shelves behind the bed, so that you don’t need to use night stands. I love some of the decorations in this coastal themed tropical bedroom.

9-Rethink-Design-Studio 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Rethink Design Studio

10. Newport Heights

10-Pure-Salt-Interiors-Newport-Heights 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Pure Salt Interiors

Find the best Coastal Bedroom Area Rugs

discover-the-best-area-rugs-on-wayfair 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

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11. Casa Lincoln

The first thing that stands out in this gorgeous bedroom is that coastal chandelier! Along with the canopy bed frame, they bring this bedroom a lot of character.

11-Pure-Salt-Interiors-Casa-Lincoln 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Pure Salt Interiors

12. House on a Marsh

With colors that represent the beach, this bedroom takes tranquil to another level. The windows bring in a lot of natural light and there is enough contrasting color between the window coastal sofa table and the light fixture.

12-Peter-McDonald-Architect-House-on-a-Marsh-Michael-J-Lee-Photography 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Peter McDonald Architect

13. Beach Road in Capistrano Beach

A traditional and beautiful coastal themed nautical bedroom idea. The bed frame is unique and the different shades of blue throughout the room brings a beach vibe.

13-Lulu-Designs 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Lulu Designs

14. Old Oak Coastal Style Bedroom

This bedroom idea has perfect pops of blue, pink, and green. Between the table lamp, the beach headboard, and the wall decor, this bedroom looks beautiful.

14-Leah-Muller-Interiors-Old-Oak 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Leah Muller Interiors

15. Breakwater- Master Bedroom

I love the design of the windows, the walls, and the ceiling. This is a gorgeous bedroom with a view that will stop you right in your tracks. The colors in this beach bedroom complement each other.

15-LDa-Architecture-Interiors-Nina-Farmer-Interiors-Michael-J.-Lee-Photography 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by LDa Architecture & Interiors

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16. Cliff Road Area – Nantucket

The best sleepover room for a beach vacation. Bunk rooms have become extremely popular in vacation homes due to their space saving functionality and the fact that they can accommodate more guests.

16-Jonathan-Raith-Inc-Sophie-Metz-Design-Nantucket-Architectural-Photography 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Jonathan Raith Inc.

17. The Hollows

We’re loving this eclectic look and feel of this modern coastal bedroom. There are nice coastal blues throughout this room and the wall decor above the bed brings the room together.

17-JNID-Studios-LLC-The-Hollows 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by JNID Studios, LLC

18. The Willow Inn

We’re loving the contrast between the deep blue accent wall and the bright white window above the rattan bed. I enjoy looking at a unique aspect like the wall in this bedroom.

18-Emily-Moss-Designs-The-Willow-Inn 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Emily Moss Designs

19. Main Osterville

Panoramic water views, a lovely sitting area, and a walk out balcony? This bedroom couldn’t be more perfect!

19-Casabella-Interiors-Main-Osterville 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Casabella Interiors

20. Fernleaf II

Vaulted ceilings with wood beams, pretty light fixtures, a cool, calming color palette, and a beautiful view? This coastal bedroom has it all.

20-Brandon-Architects-Inc 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by Brandon Architects, Inc.

21. AE Design, Malibu House

This coastal bedroom is simple and incredibly beautiful. I love the beachy walls and the seashell themed chandelier. The view isn’t so bad either.

21-AE-Design-Malibu-House 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Design by ae design

11 Coastal Bedroom Decorating Ideas

There are a lot of different things you can do in your bedroom if you have a coastal or a beach theme. The main key is starting with colors and products. You want your decor to match with the overall vibe and the theme of the room. Pick and choose between the ideas below so you can create the perfect coastal style bedroom that you will love.

1. Coastal Table Lamps

One of the best things you can do in your bedroom is add a beautiful lamp. You need to find a color and a style that matches the rest of your bedroom decorations. Shop some of the products below to find great ideas.

Find the best Coastal Bedroom Lamps

best-table-lamps-for-sale-on-amazon-1 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

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2. Nautical Color Palette

Use a classic coastal color palette of navy blue, white, and shades of aqua to set the tone for a beachy bedroom. The colors will evoke the sea and sky and give the room a breezy, coastal vibe.

3. Seashell Decor

Incorporate seashells as decorative accents in vases, on shelves, or even in framed artwork. Seashells are a quintessential coastal element that can be worked into any beach-inspired bedroom. Cluster them together or use single large shells for impact.

4. Weathered Wood Furniture

Choose furniture with a distressed or weathered wood finish to evoke the look of driftwood or beachside cottages. Weathered wood gives a casual, coastal feel to any bedroom. Use it in beds, dressers, end tables and more.

5. Coastal-Inspired Bedding

Opt for bedding with ocean-inspired patterns like waves, seahorses, or starfish. Coastal bedding is an easy way to get the beach vibe. Stick to light, breezy fabrics like linen or cotton for a relaxed look.

6. Coastal Wall Art

Hang coastal-themed artwork, such as beach scenes, seascapes, or surfboard wall decor. Beach wall art sets the tone for a coastal bedroom and brings the seaside right into the space.

7. Beachy Flooring and Area Rugs

Opt for light-colored hardwood floors or beachy-inspired rugs with sand and sea colors. Light floors keep the room feeling open and airy. Use rugs with tropical or nautical motifs to reinforce the coastal style.

Shop the best Coastal Bedroom Area Rugs

best-amazon-area-rugs-for-beach-homes-and-coastal-bedrooms 21 Beautiful Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Shop the best Coastal Bedroom Area Rugs on Amazon!

8. Woven Textures

Include woven elements like seagrass rugs, rattan furniture, or woven basket storage. The natural textures add a casual, beachy feel to any bedroom. Use woven pieces as accents throughout the space.

9. Coastal Accessories

Decorate with coastal accessories like glass jars filled with beach sand and shells, or vintage nautical maps. The right accessories make all the difference in creating a coastal vibe. Keep them beach-inspired.

10. Beachy Canopy Bed

Consider a canopy bed with sheer, gauzy curtains that billow in the breeze, reminiscent of beach cabanas. A canopy bed instantly conjures images of oceanfront accommodations with breezy, romantic vibes.

11. Shell Chandeliers

Hang a chandelier adorned with seashells or driftwood for a unique lighting focal point. A shell chandelier brings coastal charm and makes a statement in any beach-inspired bedroom.

12. Coastal Greenery

Add potted indoor palm plants or succulents to bring a touch of greenery to the room. Plants are a nice way to reinforce the tropical coastal theme in a subtle way.


Coastal design is a gorgeous way to bring beachside vibes into the bedroom. Focus on light and airy elements like weathered woods, breezy linens, and tropical greenery to create a relaxing oasis. Coastal accents like shells, maps, and beach art make the theme come alive. For the ultimate beach bedroom, opt for a soft coastal color scheme and plenty of natural textures and patterns. With the right details, you can easily create a bedroom that feels like an escape to the seaside.

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