7 Ideas For Wood Porch Swings

Wood porch swings are a classic addition to any front porch or backyard patio. Not only do they provide a cozy place to relax, but they can also add charm and character to your outdoor space. If you’re looking to add a wood swing to your home, consider some of these creative design ideas.

What is a Wood Porch Swing?

A wood porch swing is exactly what it sounds like – a swinging bench made from wood. It usually consists of a wooden seat, backrest, and armrests that are suspended on a metal or wood frame with chains or ropes. This allows the bench to swing back and forth gently. Porch swings are commonly found on front porches, back patios, or yards.

36 Awesome Wood Porch Swings



Where Can I Use a Wood Porch Swing?

A wood porch swing can be installed just about anywhere around your home where you have outdoor space. Popular spots include front porches, back patios or decks, or under trees in your yard. Consider placing your porch swing where you have adequate hanging space and clearance so the swing can rock safely. Face it towards a nice view for relaxation.

Why You Should Get a Wood Porch Swing

There are many great reasons to add a wood porch swing to your outdoor living space. Swings create an inviting spot to unwind alone or socialize. The relaxing rocking motion helps reduce stress. Wood swings complement natural surroundings and add vintage charm to a space. They provide extra seating without taking up a lot of room. Durably built wood swings can last for many years outdoors. Overall, a swing adds cozy personality to your yard or porch!

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Types of Wood Porch Swings

1. Simple Classic Swing

A basic wooden swing with a comfortable seat and backrest is a timeless choice. Opt for painted or stained wood in your color scheme. Add thick cushions for comfort. This traditional style works with many home exterior designs from farmhouse to cottage.

2. Convertible Swing Bed

Make your swing extra functional by allowing it to convert into a bed or daybed. Look for wooden swing frames designed to hold a mattress and cushions. Then you can relax in the swing position or open it flat for napping or stargazing.

3. Hanging Egg Chair

For a modern spin, opt for a suspended egg-shaped wicker or rattan chair. Hang it from a wood porch beam or tree branch using metal chains. Place a few throw pillows inside for comfort. This unique swing shape makes a fun statement.

4. Two-Person Porch Swing

Classic swings are usually designed for two people. For a cozy seating area, pick a longer swing frame with space for a couple or friends to chat side-by-side. Add weather-resistant cushions for functionality.

5. Kids’ Tree Swing

Create a fun hang-out space for kids with a colorful wooden disk swing hung from a tree in the backyard. Let them customize it by painting their names or decorations on it. Add rope handles for grip.

6. Front Porch Glider Swing

Another comfy option is a wooden glider swing with a smooth gliding motion. Choose from a range of wooden bench styles that allow for gentle rocking. Pair with plush cushions and pillows for relaxation.

7. Porch Swing Bed

If you have a large porch or deck, consider installing a full-size wooden swing bed frame. This creates a cozy spot for reading, napping, or lounging. Dress it up with weatherproof mattresses


Wooden porch swings are versatile backyard additions. With so many styles to choose from, you can create a custom swing that fits your home and family’s needs while providing a relaxing oasis. Consider your space, style and functionality as you explore these creative swing designs.

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