White Shells with Dark Blue Sea Glass| Deep Irish Shell w/ Blue Sea Glass for Decoration | Shells for Craft | Plus Free…

PREMIUM SHELL MIX – This ultra white shell assortment, features a Deep Irish shell 11-12 cm, and beautiful cobalt blue sea glass is perfect for beach wedding themes, nautical themed parties, shell crafts and makes an impactful presentation for any home decor project.
LARGE VARIETY OF SHELLS – Our white beach shells mix may include a variety of different Murex, Irish Deep, Voles, Cerithium, Pearl Abalone, Bonnet, Spindle, Tibia, Welk, Melon, Nassa, Cancelleria, Strombus, moon shell, Cebu, Javanna.
SHELLS RANGE IN SIZE FROM 1 to 4 1/2 INCHES – The average size being approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches and a handful being 3 inches or more. Contains approximately 12 shells.