Windsor’s Premium Grade A Plantation Teak Lutyens Double Rocking Chair/Bench 53″/50lbs,5 Year Warranty, List $1600, Teak Lasts A Lifetime! Price: $1,150.00 (as of 03/24/2023 17:05 PST- Details)

NOTE: If a Seller ONLY advertises “Solid or Natural Teak” it’s probably not Grade A Teak but rather Grade B or C. Premium Grade A Teak is harvested after 45 years and creates a much heavier concentration of Teak Oil, which is the Magic Ingredient in Teak that makes it “waterproof”. Thus it’s longevity outdoors. Plus, Only the Hearts of the tree are used for Grade A Teak Furniture…Not the Outter Sap Wood part of the tree…..
Thereby creating a Better Quality Furniture with less Knots and imperfections and no signs of sap
Also, if a Merchant advertises “Grade A Teak” and the furniture has alot of knots, imperfections, and signs of sap in the wood…Most likely the Teak Isn’t Grade A