Coastal Bedding In A Bag

beach bed in a bag

There are plenty of reasons for you to want a coastal bedding sets in a bag. You might have a Summer Vacation home and you use the bedding in your vacation home during the Summer, but store it in your permanent home during the winter. You might live in a beach home with a limited amount of storage and be looking to upgrade your current bedding sets. I know how much space bedding and comforters can take up, so I decided to put together this guide to nautical, coastal, and beach beds in a bag. I included different themes as well like Starfish, Palm Trees, Tropical, Anchors, Nautical, Seashells, Sand Dollars, Coral, and more. In addition, there are a variety of colors like white, blue, green, light blue, pink, and yellow. Whether you’re trying to save space in your closet or bring bedding easier as you travel, a beach bed in a bag will be able to hold your comforter and sheets and save you space.

I hope this article is helpful for you. All of these bedding sets below come in a bag and you should easily be able to store them, ship them, or move them. Whether you’re looking for a twin, double, queen, or a king sized bedding and comforter set, you will find it below!

Coastal Bedding Sets In A Bag

You might see some repeats below but this is the comprehensive list that includes all of our beach themed comforter sets that come in a bag. We wanted to give you an easy area to browse every option so you can see that below. Clicking on them will bring you to the product page on our website.


Coastal Bed In A Bag

1. Starfish Themed Bed in a Bag

Blue is the perfect color for the beach and this bedding set should go well in a lot of different beach homes. It also has starfish on the comforter, which is one of the most popular beach decorations.


2. White and Blue Stripes with Shells

This is a white themed comforter with blue stripes on the inside. It’s very beachy with the different seashells and starfish.


3. White and Coral

This comforter is white but it includes coral and sand dollars on it. It’s made up of sandy colors along with orange and light blue.


4. Paradise Blue Coastal Bed in a Bag

More of a nautical theme, this comforter contains blue and white stripes. It also comes with an anchor pillow cover, which along with the dark blues, makes it perfect for a nautical home.


5. Tropical Palm Tree Comforter Set

The first tropical bedding set in a bag is sand, green and brown colored. It has palm trees all over the comforter and the pillows and the secondary color looks like light brown sand, so it would go great in a tropical beach home.


6. Light Blue and Brown with Seashells

The next bedding set is white, light blue and brown and covered in a variety of seashells. This comforter has a theme that makes it feel like you are on the beach when you use it.


7. Luxurious Blue Nautical Bed in a Bag

The next comforter is a basic dark blue and white striped beach bed in a bag. You can fit this into a lot of beach themed or nautical themed homes and use it as your comforter.


8. Sailboats and Lighthouses

The 8th beach bedding set in a bag would go perfect in a kids room. It is completely white with some blue and red. It has sailboats, compasses, and lighthouses all over it.


9. Twin Size Shark Print Comforter

I love the colors on this comforter set! This is a white, turquoise and teal colored bedding set. It contains plenty of white in the background as well as a colorful shark theme you won’t find anywhere else.


10. Blue Watercolor Beach Bed in a Bag

One of my favorite bedding sets on this list is beach themed and has soft blue tones along with plenty of white. This comforter definitely has more of an ocean theme based on the pattern all over it, it resembles the beach and ocean.


11. Light Blue with Seashells

This comforter set all white with light blue seashells scattered throughout it. It would fit perfectly in any bedroom, including the master bedroom, guestroom, and the kids room.


12. Seashells with Pink Coral

If you’re looking for more of a pink themed beach comforter, this one is perfect. It has pink coral along with sandy and green toned shells. It would go perfect in almost any bedroom in the house.


13. Colorful Starfish and Seashells

This comforter contains a lot of different colors so it would go well in a room where it would fit one of the themes. There are different colored and styled seashells throughout, which makes the comforter set pop.


14. Soft Blue Seashell Bed in a Bag

Sometimes you might just be looking for a comforter with a solid color, and this one is extremely comfortable. There are a variety of colors if you look through the link.


15. Red, White, and Blue Nautical Bedding Set in a Bag

Our second tropical beach themed comforter on this list has plenty of blue and brown. There are a lot of different palm trees on the comforter and the pillows, so it would go perfect in a tropical climate.


16. Green Palms Tropical Bed in a Bag

This comforter set almost reminds me of a cobblestone road that leads up to the beach. I love the blue and brown colors for a beach home, and I can’t help but think it is covered with stones.


17. Blissful White Beach Bedding

Last but certainly not least, check out this beautiful white comforter set. White is a very popular color in beach and cottage homes because it helps make the room bright and shine the natural light in the room.

Choosing a Beach Bed in a Bag

To make your bedroom complete and offer you all the comfort you desire, choosing the right bedding set goes a long way. It makes all the difference between a comfortable night sleep and a restless night waking with dark circles around your eyes. Here is a look at the things you need to consider when choosing a bedding set.

Bedding and Quilt Designs

When choosing the right coastal bed in a bag, the design is one of the most important aspects to consider. We follow the rule of choosing a style you love and selecting colors that work with your decor. If you aren’t 100% positive of the design you are choosing you might come to regret your purchase. Therefore, make sure you choose one that matches the overall theme of your beach home.

Quilt designs can vary compared to comforters and duvet covers. They usually feature more unique designs and you can find patchwork quilts that go great. One of the huge benefits for choosing a quilt is they aren’t as heavy compared to large comforters.

Bedding Color

Colors will not only showcase your personality but also will influence your mood in the bedroom. The right color for your bedding set is one that represents personality while having a soothing effect on you. Before choosing, consider the colors in your bedroom. You can then settle on a complimentary color or a contrasting one for best results. If you have a particular theme in your bedroom ensure that your new beddings adhere to it. Generally though, warm colors are the most suitable for bedding sets. These tend to cause a stimulating effect. These include red, orange, pink and yellow.

Bed size

The bed size will determine the size of the bedding set as well as the suitable design. The size and design of the bed will deter mine the suitable bedding set. For example, conventional sets will not be suitable for use on antique French beds whereas country style beds are best suited by bedding that has landscape or flower patterns.

Thread count

This will determine the price at which you can get the beddings as well as how soft they are. Those that have equal horizontal and vertical threads are cheap whereas satin beddings that have more vertical than horizontal weaves are soft to the touch and more expensive.


Different fibers have different traits that make them desirable. For instance, cotton is comfortable with a smooth feel and is easy to wash. However, these beddings are usually expensive. On the other hand, beddings made from polyester are wrinkle-resistant and relatively cheap. They however may not last as long as cotton ones will.

Accent and Throw Pillows

Complete bedding sets should not just be made up of the bed sheets; they should include pillowcases for pillows and throws and even a slipover. Alternatively you can opt for beddings sold alone and buy matching details later on.


Different finishes can be applied on beddings. You should be particularly careful with super fine finishes which are made with the use of chemicals. These chemicals can be irritating to the skin and are potential allergens. Instead of these, settle for chemical-free ones that are safe for use.

In Summary

You now have a variety of choices for your next beach bed in a bag purchase. There are different themes and sizes at all sorts of price points so hopefully you make a great decision and feel satisfied. Make sure you find a color you like because there are neutral sets and others with brighter colors. In addition, find the beach, coastal, tropical, or nautical style that best suits your beautiful home. Just remember Beachfront Decor the next time you’re unpacking your closet or packing your car – Thank you for reading!

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