100+ Beach Cottage Decor Ideas

beach cottage decor

A well furnished cottage beach home will look elegant if you choose the right furniture and any other relevant decor. Beach cottage decor will mostly take the rustic look that seems almost classic, though it will entail other detailed settings. When it comes to cottage furniture, you will need to make the right choice that fits within your house. Some of the best choices of furniture include indoor and outdoor wicker. That’s why we listed over 100 beach cottage decor ideas that you can copy.

Below, you can find some ideas for your cottage beach home decor ideas.

Beach Cottage Decorations and Beach Cottage Furniture



5 Dreamy Beach Cottage Designs

We have some beautiful cottage designs below that can help as you decorate your beach home. Each of the designers is credited for the individual image. You can get some great ideas for a cottage kitchen, cottage dining area, and beach cottage living room.

1. A Beach Cottage



2. Cottage Sunroom



3. Oceanfront Nook



4. Cottage Kitchen and Dining



5. Green Coastal Cottage Kitchen



10 Beach Cottage Decorating Ideas

Beach cottage designs usually feature bright colors, open windows, natural light, and distressed themes. We give you some ideas below if you want to turn your ordinary home into a gorgeous coastal cottage.

  1. Shabby Chic

  2. You can choose a simple style for the dining room, which could be light and free enough to allow air to flow freely. It should also be calm and maintain the neutral palette. You can choose soft blue vintage bottles or a varied shell display. All can make a perfect style. Suppose you want to keep the cool, relaxing oceanic vibes, you might want to keep the design of the dining room simple enough. Some crisp white slipcovers can fit well on the sofa. You can then have a white dining table, along with native accessories that give out a bold statement and look rustic.

  3. Sandy Colors

  4. It is not a must to be on the shores of the beach to enjoy the sand. You can bring it in your house with an elegant style. You can have some neutral hues, along with a delicate seashell decor that give the entire look a chic taste. This will make the room look stylish and sea-inspired. You can also mix the crisp white accents with some rustic furniture to give out a well-established shabby space. You can then blend different furniture styles like contemporary, along with some material like cotton, linen or polyester.

    Contemporary Beach Living Room



  5. Bamboo

  6. You can change your cottage beach home to have some desert or jungle accents. Some of the things to include in the cottage are like natural bamboo materials, reused furniture and a white theme. The white will help to brighten the room, and the natural bamboo materials will give it a rustic look. You can make the decor look elegant and with the sea details that complete the entire look.

  7. Ocean View

  8. You can have a sun-room that is cozy enough and one that has some cool and calm views. The neutral shabby chic hues, blended white, blue, peach or cream details. These will help to make the space look more sea-like and have a super rustic look as well. You can also incorporate some sea shells that should be elegant enough to fit in the space. You can also have some driftwood that will also enhance the look of the interior space of your cottage beach home. Ensure that you choose the right sea shells and starfish from the shoreline. This look and design will perfectly fit if you have a waterfront view. The scenery can be your artwork to make the entire space look elegant. You can arrange the furniture to face the ocean, rather than arranging them around a fireplace or the TV.

    Florida Beach Cottage



  9. Seashell Decor

  10. The seashells and starfish can make your cottage beach home have an elegant summer feel. You can have the seashells this is a great choice for the dining or the living room. A seasonal table can fit in with starfish, seashells, tiny driftwood pieces, and candles make it look elegant. With the seashell and the starfish, you can then have a dinner with your friends, especially the lovers of the seafood. Ensure that the dining room has a warm-weather style that creates the mood to eat.

  11. Classic Style

  12. You can then have the soft, neutral hues, along with white furnishings that will make the room more contemporary. It will also maintain the shabby stylish look that is the desire of every owner of a cottage beach home. With this style, you can then incorporate the sandy hues that will symbolize the style of the beach. Some turquoise hints will help to keep the vibrant colors looking stunning. This will help to keep the place eye-catching and super elegant.

    As you are finding your cottage beach home furniture, you will want to be extra choosy. With the outdoor setting, you can have the Wicker furniture, along with matching tables. The interior can take the white furniture, due to the possible dust that might ruin the white color.

  13. Tranquil Dining Space

  14. Changing the dining room with ideas inspired by the sea is very easy. First of all, it is highly recommended that you use soft shades of blue, green, and light brown along with white. The easiest way to give a cottage beach look to your dining room will be simply painting the walls and updating your dining room table. You can also stick to a pure white theme with small accent colors throughout.

    For your dining room table, opt for a rustic looking or distressed wood table instead of using a modern polished table or glass table. For the centerpiece, add different sizes of vintage bottles or jars and fill them up with some sand, candles, and sea shells. If you don’t love that idea, try using a big white plate and place corals of different shape, size and color on it to act as your centerpiece. Using this design will perfectly reflect the tranquil and peaceful side of the sea and your guests will surely love to dine in such a peaceful area of your home.

  15. Eye-catching Accent Walls

  16. Try bringing the cottage feel to your home by creating an attention grabbing accent wall. Accent walls can change the whole feel of the room. Use a light brown color or any shade of blue for the wall, just make sure that it is in contrast to the other walls. You can also look to create one distressed wood wall that stands out.

    Add some rustic or vintage looking marine life prints to the accent wall, preferably in black and white. You can choose prints with starfish, anchors, sand dollars, and more.

    One of the best ideas when framing pictures is to use distressed wood. Wooden frames give a coastal vibe especially if they contrast with the wall. If your wall is light brown, look for white distressed wood to frame your pictures. Also, if you happen to choose a wall which is between two windows, then sand colored curtains will give a nice summery and beach-themed look.

  17. Peaceful Living Room

  18. The living room is usually the most tedious room to decorate because your options are endless when it comes to detail. However, decorating a living room generally gives you more of an open canvas than the kitchen or the bathroom. The living room is the place where the family gets together and its probably the room where you will spend the most time besides your bedroom. Be sure to take your time to design the room and create a relaxing space.

    First, get a shabby looking sofa in plain white or a combination of grey and white. Then, dress-up your couch with pillows and a throw blanket. Look for throw pillows that have soft colors and beach themes like starfish and anchors. Again, different hues of blue, green, or light brown will go perfectly as long as they match the rest of your house. Also, make sure that your accessories match in color and style to the rest of your home. If you would prefer prints on the walls instead of a fresh coat of paint, look for subtle wall stickers that will add a pop to the room.

    The other furniture around your living room should have a distressed look. Try finding cabinets that flow with the rest of your furniture. You can look to invest in a big wall cabinet will different shelf sizes and you can add nautical themed accessories like a small figurine of lighthouse, a nice model of sail boat, old lanterns, and showpieces of seagulls or any fish to decorate it.

  19. Sea-kissed Bedrooms

  20. There are plenty of design ideas for your bedroom, but a sure shot way to bring the cottage theme to your bedroom will be changing up the wall behind your bed. Mainly big pictures hanging above the bed act as the centerpiece of the bedroom. But instead of pictures, try a rustic looking anchor or two weathered oars crisscrossing each other. This will surely grab attention and will also give a beach cottage look to the bedroom. You can even use sand filled lamps and pictures of marine life for an authentic beach cottage look.

In Summary

At the end of the day, your home is your canvas. If you prefer a modern look, then the cottage theme might not be for you. However, using white and soft accent colors in your home, along with distressed wood and brick, can help you bring the sea right indoors. And you certainly won’t regret incorporating more cottage beach decor.

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