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100+ Beach Themed Lamps

beach lamps

Beach themed lamps are extremely popular when you live by the coast. You can get standing lamps, table lamps, and more varieties for your home. We decided to put together a list of our favorite coastal themed lamps that you can put in your home. Many of these include ocean elements like starfish, sand dollars, […]

Coastal Night Lights

coastal night lights

If you are searching for the best source of night illumination, you may have come across coastal night lights. Coastal night lights are growing in popularity thanks to their wide variety of styles. Depending on your taste and preference you can choose from starfish night light to whale night light. Coastal night lights, including beach […]

Lighthouse Lamps

lighthouse lamps

You have a lot of great options for lighthouse lamps for your nautical home. How cool is it that we can incorporate an old element of light at sea right within our home in a variety of options, a variety of styles, and a variety of colors? It’s absolutely incredible that we can add old […]