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Beach Wall Sconces & Nautical Wall Sconces

beach wall sconces

When it comes to a beach home, you generally want tons of natural light indoors, open space, and beautiful coastal decor to make it feel like you never leave the sand. When you come home at night through the front door, you want nautical wall sconces at the entrance. And when you go outdoors at night to relax on your back patio, you need even more lighting. One of the best options is to choose beach or nautical wall sconces.

We have a variety of our nautical sconces listed below that will mount to the wall on your front porch, the side of your house, on your deck, or on your outdoor patio. They will hang anywhere on your home and you could even use them if you put large wood rods into the ground for decoration on your patio. Hopefully you find a beach themed wall mounted light or lantern that you love!

Nautical Wall Sconces

When it comes to nautical themed wall sconces, you will find plenty of rustic, industrial, and stainless steel sconces.


Beach Wall Sconces

Beach themed wall sconces usually feature seashells, capiz, and coastal themes. Many of them are lighter in color to give off brightness in a beach home.


What is a Wall Sconce?

A sconce is defined as a wall hanging bracket that holds a candle or another light source. The word sconce actually derives from a lantern that could hold a candle and protect it from wind. That’s one reason why they work so well near a coastal home, where there is usually a nice breeze. Beach wall sconces are usually connected to electrical power but you can use candles as well.

How to Choose Beach Wall Sconces

Below are all of the things you should keep in mind as you make your coastal wall sconce purchase. There are plenty of things to consider as far as size, height, weight, light source, style, theme, price, fixture type, shade style, lightbulbs, and more. There are so many lighting options for your beach home, and wall sconces are one of them.

Sconce Style

There are different types of wall sconces to choose from including beach, tropical, nautical, rustic, modern, contemporary, and more. Depending on the rest of your home and the overall style, your decision should be pretty easy. In an open airy tropical home, our palm tree themed wall sconces would be perfect. For an open-sea nautical house, our antique lanterns would be beautiful.

Sconce Size

What height and width would work perfectly for the space? Sometimes outdoors if you have a large space you might want to go with something larger that 15 inches wide and 20 inches tall. On your front porch, you might want something smaller that blends well with the front of your home and doesn’t stand out too much, closer to 10 inches wide and 15 inches tall.


How many lightbulbs do you need for your wall sconce? What kind of light source are you looking for? Incandescent, CFL, and LED are the most popular sources of light and wall sconces usually come in sets of one, however you can find wall mounts with 4 lights or even more.

Beach Wall Sconce Finish

You can find nautical wall sconce finishes featuring nickel, silver, brass, bronze, gold, chrome, white, black, and more. There are different colors and styles of finish whether you need something for a rustic beach home or something more modern and clean.

Sconce Shade

The shade ranges from glass to frosted glass to crystal to fabric. There are many different shade types that go over the wall sconce and protect the light. I prefer clear glass types because they are not only the most popular but I believe they look the nicest.

Lighting Type

There are different types when it comes to lighting in that some are battery powered, others have candles, and the most popular option is electricity. Obviously if you have no power available then you would use battery operated versions or candlelit options. If you have no clue how to install a wall sconce with electrical power, you should be able to find a company that can hook up the electrical for you and even hang it up.

Where To Put Your Sconce?

Sconces usually go in pairs regardless of the lighting type you are using. For electric wall sconces, you would place them on either side of the front door, a fireplace, or across from each other in a hallway. For candle sconces, you usually want to hang them similarly to a picture. You can put two next to each other about a foot apart or you can put one slightly higher than the other and about one foot to the side.

You usually want to put it at least 6 feet in the air but preferably higher depending on the space. A lower sconce will be at eye level for many people and usually you want them to be above you.

If you place a beach wall sconce in a hallway, make sure they don’t go out from the wall too far to avoid people walking into them or any other accidents.

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find exactly the nautical wall sconces you are looking for. These are beautiful beach wall sconces and we have a huge variety above for you to choose from for your beach home. They have that old weathered beach feel but they add a beautiful touch of decor.

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Nautical Wood Wall Decor & Wooden Signs

nautical wooden signs

When you are looking for nautical wood wall decor, there are a ton of options to choose from. There are prints that feature nautical themed art, metal plaques, and of course nautical wood signs. However, unless you know woodworking or live near a lot of beach stores, it can be difficult to find nautical wood wall signs for your home. So where do you go to find the best nautical wooden signs?

We put together a list of our favorite wood nautical signs. The wooden signs feature nautical themes such as anchors, lighthouses, ship wheels, compasses, sailboats, life preservers, pirate ships, beach themes, and more. In addition, there will be quotes and sayings on all of the nautical wooden wall decor like “Hope anchors the soul.” Check out over 100 nautical wooden signs below that can be added indoors or outdoors to your beach home.


How to Choose Nautical Wood Wall Art

If you are not sure how to choose wooden signs with a nautical theme, our tips, ideas, and strategies below will help you decide on a final product. Nautical wood art can be difficult to find in a store and hard to choose when shopping online. In order to pick the best wooden signs, you need to follow our tips below.

Wooden Sign Size

The sizes of signs or art usually range from extra small to extra large, with sizes starting around 5 inches on the largest side upwards of 40 inches on the largest side. The most common sizes are generally between 15 inches to 30 inches. In addition, some are horizontal when the largest side is on the top or bottom, and vertical wooden signs have the largest side on the left and right sides.

Nautical Colors

The colors that are featured frequently in nautical design are dark red, dark blue, navy, white, and light grey. In addition, there are also shades of brown and darker shades of blue or red. However, when it comes to nautical wooden signs, there are a lot of different colors so you should not have any problems matching them with your color scheme.

In Summary

You should have everything you need to choose a new nautical wood sign. We love nautical themed wall art with wood themes or in wood material.

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Nautical Pillows and Nautical Throw Pillows

nautical pillows

Nautical Throw Pillows are an underrated aspect of nautical décor that can really go a long way. When it comes to decorating your coastal beach home, you’ll want to look high and far for the right ocean elements and colors to help your room pop. If you have a beach theme throughout and you can incorporate something like a blue and red starfish throw pillow into your décor.

You usually want to use throw pillows on sofas, living room chairs, and beds. Depending on your kitchen table, I have seen them used in kitchens with restaurant-booth style tables. You can also find outdoor versions if you have a teak or wicker patio furniture set.

Nautical Throw Pillows

We started by listing some of our favorite nautical pillows. They are all top-rated and you can mix and match pillow designs, colors, and themes to fit your interior design scheme.


More Nautical Pillows


How to Choose Nautical Throw Pillows

Pillow Color

More important than anything else is the color. You can either choose soft colors that blend with the rest of your décor or look to use your throw pillows for a pop of color. If you have a white couch, using colorful throw pillows can be a great idea. However, in a white cottage beach home, you might just want to use a white pillow with a soft beach element on it.

Pillow Design

If you are using a specific beach themed element in your design like starfish, anchors, sand dollars, crabs, or seashells, you want to keep that design going with your pillows. Otherwise, you can look for different patterns and colors that would match the room you are decorating in your beach house.

Pillow Quality

Look for quality over quantity. You don’t need 10 throw pillows, but rather 2-4 pillows that can help highlight your beach décor and make your interior design be something people envy.

Pillow Comfort

You end up using throw pillows a lot to lean on or even rest your head on, so comfort is an important quality you don’t want to forget. Sometimes spending the extra few dollars for a comfortable toss pillow becomes worth it immediately.

Pillow Patterns

You want to avoid patterned throw pillow designs on patterned couches, and vice versa. A bold white couch is accented nicely by a blue pattern throw pillow, but a floral couch might look better with just a bold color rather than adding it more designs and colors to the color pallet.

Nautical Pillows vs. Nautical Pillow Covers

One benefit of using Pillow Covers is they are generally easier to clean and maintain as you can always just replace the pillow and clean the cover. However, pillows many times are more luxurious and comfortable if you buy a high-quality option. All in all, both have their benefits and drawbacks so just keep in mind you have an option for both.

In Summary

Hopefully, you find the nautical throw pillow of your dreams here at Beachfront Décor. We aim to give you our favorite options so you can create the design in your beach house that you desire. As far as beach home toss pillows, you won’t get or find many better options than the ones listed above.

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Beach Doormats and Coastal Doormats

Beach Doormats

If you want to give the beach or nautical vibe from the time your guests get to your front door, look at these beach doormats. All of them are a perfect welcome into a beautiful coastal home. Instead of having a bare porch or deck, add one of these doormats. You can also use them as an accent, if you have a light blue theme outdoors, pick a color and a beach theme that will help everything flow together.

Buying Beach Doormats: The three most important things are the quality of the material, quality of the design, and durability. You want a durable doormat because you don’t want to have to replace it all the time. You want a design that matches with your front or back door and works with the rest of your overall color scheme. Lastly, the material of the doormat is important.

Beach Doormats

You can see the gallery of our doormats below but if you want a complete list with descriptions, scroll down even further. You can buy any of the styles you see at this page by clicking ‘Learn More’ below any of the products.


More Beach Doormats

Since this article is popular, we have a complete listing of our beach themed doormats below. You will find some duplicates to the ones above but this is an exhaustive list of every coastal doormat offered here at Beachfront Decor.


How to Choose Beach Doormats

Doormat Color

You want to find a color that matches your overall design. If you are using a beach doormat outside of your front door, you might want one that includes colors similar to your home with an accent color similar to the color of your door. Otherwise, you can go with a brown coir doormat, which can be neutral regardless of color scheme. All in all, you want a doormat that looks like it belongs and not a bright yellow doormat where there might be more neutral coloring.

Doormat Design

Do you want an intricate beach themed design on your doormat? Are you looking for something more nautical like a large anchor? Do you want something playful like a beach themed jellybean doormat? We have everything you might be looking for, whether you like seashells, starfish, sand dollars, crabs, anchors, compasses, ship wheels, sand, ocean, flip flops, sandals, or palm tree themed doormat designs.

Doormat Price

Doormats can range anywhere from about $10 to $125. More expensive doormats tend to be more durable and include more appealing overall designs, in addition to being ultra non-slip. Cheaper doormats will slip and wear away over time, meaning you have to replace them quicker. Thicker doormats also tend to be a bit more expensive due to the durability. In the end, you want to find a doormat at a price that works best for you with an understanding of how that doormat will hold up long-term.

Doormat Material

The most popular materials include synthetic plastics, coir, natural fiber, rubber, plastic, metal, and even wood. Different materials work better for different situations, for example natural fiber tends to be better for wiping your shoes and metal doormats tend to be more durable.

Doormat Features

I always recommend a doormat with non-slip backing because you don’t have to worry about it moving around your porch during use or during bad weather. Many doormats are stain-resistant so you can quickly wash them with a hose and they won’t hold onto dirty and mud forever (or sand, in case you live near the beach!). Some doormats are reversible so you can flip them two different ways, although I don’t recommend these options. Lastly, I believe in looking for anti-fatigue doormats, which are more pricey but hold their color and design long-term.

Doormat Words

Finding doormats with writing on them can also help with adding a coastal touch. Some lines can also have a touch of humor, which can make them a fun topic of discussion amongst your guests. A simple “Welcome” can also look very inviting when written over the sands of a beach.

Doormat Personalization

Customized doormats are the new trend where you can have your name or a family name mentioned on the doormat. It is one of the best ideas for a beach theme party where a doormat makes the guest smile right at the entrance and sets the expectations of the party inside.

Nautical Doormats

Other kind of doormats could include sailing objects like ships and boats made on them. It could be an entire ship or parts of ship like the steering wheel, the helm, the anchor of a ship or even pirate face. Such designs make the doormats stand out and grab everyone’s attention. For those who love sophistication, doormats with kinds of sea-shell patterns can be a great choice. In fact, there are also doormats that are shaped as a large sea-shell available in the market that can be used at the other doors like outside the bathroom. Placing them inside the house will add them to the furnishings of the house and make their beautiful designs not go unnoticed.

Coir Doormats

One of the most popular type of doormat is the classic coir doormat. Coir doormats are usually brown and made with woven materials. They are thick and perfect for the outdoors because they are weather-resistant. They will last long especially if you get a high-quality one, and they make beautiful beach printed coir doormats.

Decorating Your Beach Home

One of the best themes to opt for your house is the beach theme. It is an ever-green theme that will never go out of trends. Everybody loves the beaches for one reason or the other. Some like their sunny side while some others love the soothing waves. The beach theme is also very easy to achieve without too many alterations to the existing furnishings of the house. This makes it an ideal theme for parties where the beach look can be given to your house without having to splurge on every furnishing.

Making small changes to your home can help you achieve a beach theme décor. One of the most easy decoration idea is changing the doormats. A doormat at the entrance of your house with waves, sand or sea-shells can instantly set the mood of a beach. Similarly, doormats with rocky prints can create an adventurous beach theme. Beach doormats add color and freshness to your house. Some more ideas for beach doormats are having sea creatures made on them. Such doormats are adorable and can get both kids and adults super excited. Be it fishes, starfish, crabs, turtles, snails or any other sea creatures, the presence of these prints can make your doormat look very stylish.



Finishing Beach Home Decor

Beach doormats do not have to be used only to create a beach theme. They can be added to any casual furnishings of your house to add freshness and brightness. However, if you are trying to achieve a beach theme, then using light blue shades for curtains with sea-shell patterned motifs and hanging mirrors with shell frames can do the job. If available some blue and white cushions can be added to the sofa to strengthen the look further. Placing show-pieces that have elements of sand or hanging up decorative pieces in the form of a star-fish can complete the look.

In Summary

Make sure you get yourself a nice outdoor beach doormat so your visitors clean off their shoes. An indoor doormat would help bring a room together and can almost be used as a decorative accent. If you have nice hardwood floors, getting a blue, green, or sand colored mat can help the room look more impressive. You can also make sure you have something to catch the dust and dirt that you might bring in on your shoes or feet.

There are many overlooked aspects to home decorating, and doormats can fall into that category sometimes. Since they are small and not usually in eye view, homeowners can turn a blind eye to this important home decoration.

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Capiz Shell Chandeliers

capiz chandeliers

When you are looking for beach themed chandeliers, it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. One popular variety are capiz chandeliers because they are beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. However, what local store do you go to where you can find hundreds of varieties? Where can you find exactly what you are looking for?

Luckily, we scoured the internet and found the absolute best beach themed chandeliers. Discover the absolute best capiz shell chandeliers below. We have capiz seashell chandeliers with 2 lights all the way up to 13 lights so there is a giant variety. In addition, some are made with metal while others are made of glass. There’s tons of coastal hanging fixtures and all of them will give you a quick upgrade.

Sort by Price:

  1. Capiz Chandeliers $0-$399
  2. Capiz Chandeliers $400-$799
  3. Capiz Chandeliers $800-$1,199
  4. Capiz Chandeliers $1,200 and Up

Capiz Chandeliers

We have listed some of our absolute favorite capiz seashell chandeliers below. Whether you love rustic, vintage themes or more modern options, we have you covered. We have also added varieties with different sizes and prices. We give you different options when it comes to shape including round and square.


In Summary

Finding the right capiz shell chandelier can be extremely difficult so we tried to put them all in one place. There’s a huge variety to choose from when it comes to style and size so whether you need a huge fixture or a single pendant light, we have capiz options above. Price has such a huge range so we tried to rank all of the different chandeliers by price from $0 to above $1,200.

Please contact us if you can’t find anything, we will be glad to help you.

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Nautical Lanterns and Beach Lanterns

nautical lantern

A nautical decor theme has become one of the top styles people choose when decorating their homes. It’s not just for the vacation home anymore. In my opinion, one of the most overlooked decoration for this theme is the nautical lantern. Nautical lanterns tend to bring warmth to the room with an added touch of history, and a feeling of antique. We added our collection of beach lanterns and nautical themed lanterns that you can add to your beach home.

Most people go overboard with the beach look. Seashells, sand, coral and fish. I think if you are going to go for a welcoming, warm feeling in your home you should add a few nautical gems. This can include, a ship’s bell, knots, wooden ship’s wheels, or anchors. Again though, I’m going to go back to the nautical lanterns.


More Nautical Lanterns



How to Choose Nautical Lanterns

Most nautical lanterns are made of brass and years ago, they were oil based lamps. Today, you can get a replica that will use electricity to light up your room. Many people do not know that there are several types of lanterns to choose from. You can go with a port theme or starboard side lantern. Or you can choose to get an anchor lantern or cargo lantern. Each one has its own unique history are reasoning for their use. They become great conversation pieces due to the style and history of the lantern.

Where to Find Nautical Lanterns

The perfect nautical lantern for your home is not hard to find, even if you are living in a land locked area. Some of the best places to find these great antiques are online. You are sure to find old, original nautical lanterns there. If you are looking for replica’s or ones that have been converted to use electricity, than online is a great place too. There are several replica stores that handle these lanterns and you can order form them online. Last but not least, if you find yourself vacationing near the ocean, take a walk through the local antique shops. You are sure to find what you are looking for there.

How to Decorate With Lanterns

Rooms that are dark or dim can use these pieces to light the room at strategic points while retaining and enhancing a room’s natural beauty. Today, an antique lantern is used as an excellent decorative item that brings an old world feel to any room. One unique ability of this piece is that it can fit in with almost every type of setting. These pieces do very well in both more professional office spaces as well as informal home areas. The dual purpose of this item – as a decoration and as having a use in emergencies – make it a very well-rounded installment.

When People Use Lanterns

Most lanterns are either used when camping in the wilderness or when one wishes to have a more aesthetically unique home. Though the fuel for many lamps has been changed throughout history, the lanterns of today mostly use oil. The bright light of these lanterns throughout history helped sailors to see through a rough storm.

Other Uses for Nautical Lanterns

The light given off by an antique lantern is a very ambient light. This is due in part to the effect an oil-fed flame has versus regular electric bulbs. In emergencies, these items can serve as a first aid light source and asset to any home. Many gatherings of emergency support equipment and first aid kits come well equipped with small lamps that are powered either by batteries or oil. An antique lantern retains a wonderful sense of old world, well aged charm with their slightly older frames, age, and long history of use.

Gas Lanterns

Gas powered lanterns are the most common antique lantern that many enthusiasts posses and many of these are still in decent shape – some may even be able to be utilized using their appropriate fuels. An antique lantern does best when powered by gas in order to burn, as opposed to an oil lantern. Because of their slender shape, an antique lantern can fit with ease on any display surface or podium. Overall, these items are beautifully crafted works of art that have rich histories lighting the way for those in the dark. The shine of these lamps is like no other, but patches of wear give these items a very unique, vintage character as well.

In Summary

People tend to look at nautical lanterns as a symbol of living near the ocean and being at sea. The pieces are often seen in paintings pictures regarding sea life and the life of sailing on a ship. If you want to add to your nautical decor, adding a new beach lantern or a rustic nautical themed lantern can make a huge difference.

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Nautical Pendant Lights

nautical pendant lights

When you are fixing up your nautical beach home, there’s so much for you to consider, From the doormat to the area rugs to the bedding sets, you might forget about lighting fixtures. That’s why we put together this list of the best nautical pendant lights to add character and style to your kitchen or dining room.

Many people are using nautical pendant lights as an option for lighting because they are so versatile and come in a variety of beach, nautical, and tropical styles. This is because they are known to be a unique and stylish look to improve the homes interior design. They go a long way in providing a unique atmosphere as far as room lighting is concerned. Nautical pendant lights can give pools of light over the counter-top. That is perhaps the reason why they are suitable above a desk, or some other places including where you wash dishes or sit at a bar area.

Nautical Pendant Lights

We listed our favorite nautical pendant lights below so you can find the best options for your home. Some of the options include brass and silver nautical themed hanging light fixtures. In addition, there are others that feature hanging rope pendants with a light at the end.



More Nautical Pendant Lights

We listed even more of the nautical pendant lighting that we have in our store. They might be similar to the options above but you have more options including pricing and availability.



How to Choose Nautical Pendant Lights

While there is no doubt that there are benefits galore as far as these nautical pendent lights are concerned, you should know how to make the best out of it. For example the lighting arrangements would be different for different rooms. For example if you are looking to light up the bedroom, you must look for something that is dim in brightness and reflection. Further you also must look into a lighting system which is operated by a remote controlling device. You also could opt for a wall switch should you so desire. The colors of these must be complement the room in which they are being used.

If there is a specific activity going on, choosing suitable nautical pendant lights could be a great choice. It could help in highlighting the activity. They are known to give off a very soft light which is soothing to the eye and many people prefer it.

Nautical Pendant Lights For Kitchens

Kitchens are natural for pendant lights and hanging lighting fixtures. You can put them above a bar area where you have stools that overlook the kitchen. You can put one that goes over the sink and hangs down for additional light. You can put a set of 3 hanging pendant lights that goes over your kitchen table. There are different areas for hanging pendant lighting around your kitchen so you should be able to find something.

What are Pendant Lights?

Pendant lights are smart lighting accessories that are space-saving and visually appealing. You can hang them individually on a chain or a cord from the ceiling or place some together on a track that is suspended from the ceiling. You can use pendant lamps fitted on a track as task lighting above a table or a desk, or hang them together in differing sizes and colors for stylish accent lighting.

The most common type of pendant lamps is the industrial pendant, which has a bell-shaped shade and is available in glass, and metal. These pendant lights give focused light and provide a better option for task lighting. Pendant lights encased in blown glass shades can add a sense of spaciousness and brightness to a room. You can also choose pendant lighting that complements themed decor. Pendant lights encased in metallic cage coverings suit a vintage theme, whereas for a sea-side or beach theme, opt for pendant lamps that have tiers of seashells or capiz shells.

Personal Spaces

If you wish to make a statement using intelligent lighting systems, there is no doubt that choosing pendent lighting could be a great choice. They can certainly help to light up personal spaces. Therefore you could use them extensively in your work desks or even in fixtures and furniture. However, when you are using them for personal spaces it would be better to go in for fixed variants instead of hanging ones. You must also make use of the right color combination and ensure that the lights are placed in a vantage space. They should be conspicuous by their outward appearance. Concealing the light and ensuring that light emanates from it is perhaps the best thing about it.

Natural Nautical Home Lighting

You will some fantastic skylights flooding the entire room with beautiful light. Skylights certainly help to create a wonderful environment and feeling. Not every home can handle a skylight but if you have a large area connected to the roof, it’s worth it for the natural light flooding into your home.

You can also try to put in large windows that will get plenty of sun during the day. Instead of putting lighting and nautical pendant lights all over your home, try adding windows or skylights.

Use Nautical Pendant Lights Instead of Chandeliers

Finally, if you are looking to replace nautical chandeliers with something else, then you could choose suitable nautical pendent lights. For example, you could go in for linear hanging chandeliers and create a modern and contemporary feel. Hanging nautical lights are beautiful and there are so many options when it comes to ceiling light fixtures.

In Summary

The above are just a few of the many ways and means by which you can make use of pendent lighting systems. Choosing the right color, the right location and the right angle are important attributes to keep in mind when choosing these lighting systems.

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Wicker Swings and Wicker Porch Swings

wicker swings

When you are looking for a great way to enjoy the warm summer evenings, or mild autumn days, buying a new wicker swing is one of the best ways to do it. Some of the swings you should consider buying are wicker swing chairs, wicker love seat swings, wicker porch swings, and wicker canopy swings. We listed our favorite wicker swings below that will complete your outdoor space.

Wicker Swings

We started by listed Wicker swing chairs, porch swings, love seat swings, and canopy swings. The products are sorted overall by popularity. They are absolutely perfect when you have beautiful weather.

Wicker Porch Swings

Wicker porch swings are very popular and you can hang them on your porch or get a stand for your patio. When people say wicker swings, the love seat sized swing that goes on your porch is one of the best options.




Wicker Canopy Swings

If you’re looking for a swing that can be placed on a large patio or deck, wicker canopy swings are a great option. Not only will wicker canopy swing chairs give you shade, they are beautiful outdoors. Sometimes you are unable to hang a swing on your porch or balcony, which makes canopy swings perfect.


Wicker Swing Chairs

There are single and double wicker swing chairs for your outdoor patio. They are perfect for lounging near the pool or taking a short nap. There are options ranging from tear drop shaped wicker swing chairs to egg drop shapes.


How to Choose Wicker Swings

There are plenty of considerations when it comes to wicker swing chairs, so we did our best to cover everything. In addition, we listed wicker porch swing design inspirations and ideas below.

Price of Wicker Swings

The first consideration that most people look at when buying wicker swings is price. You must keep cost in mind when you are trying to find the perfect wicker swing. There are great swings that can be found in different price ranges, so the chance of you finding something affordable is very high. There are different factors that can affect the cost of your swing, including size, style, and manufacturer. Don’t assume that a swing is low-quality simply because it is priced lower than many others you see. On the flip side, it would also be a mistake to assume that the most expensive swing you find will always be the best. Weigh the benefits of each swing you consider to make sure that you are getting a great deal.

Wicker Swing Styles

Style is another factor you should keep in mind in order to have the right swing. Depending on whether you want a painted swing or naturally finished wicker, your cost is going to vary. Painted wicker furniture may stand the test of time better than naturally finished furniture, but a naturally finished or unpainted wicker swing will develop a rustic appeal to it that is hard to reproduce.

Swing Color

Wicker swings come in a huge variety of colors. If you just look at the wicker porch swings and wicker canopy swings above, there are green, blue, white, black, brown, and pink colors. In addition, you can choose different swing cushions that come with solid colors or patterns. There are some popular choices like a white cushion with a black wicker swing chair.

Benefits of Wicker Porch Swings

The main reason to choose wicker is that it is very durable in all sorts of different weather. Wicker porch swings can be used year-round and they will last for several years. In addition, wicker allows air to circulate freely, which makes it easier to keep cool. It will be worth the cost, especially if you live in a warm climate. In addition to all of the other benefits, wicker is luxurious and can transform any area into an escape.

In Summary

Now, you can choose the best wicker swings for your area and your family. There are lots of nice wicker swing sets and styles that can fit your family’s needs. You want to set a budget and find the highest quality wicker porch swing within your budget.

It is also better if you choose one that has longer life warranty or a lifetime warranty. There are lots of swing sets nowadays that offer a lifetime warranty. Last but not least, look at product reviews and avoid any swings that are more likely to wear or break.

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Best Black Wicker Furniture

black wicker furniture

Black wicker outdoor furniture are made from high-quality woven wicker and rattan material. Black wicker furniture can help you create beautiful outdoor spaces that can help you entertain friends and family.

We decided to put together a list of black wicker furniture sets that will work indoors and outdoors. In addition, we curated individual pieces like black wicker chairs or pieces of furniture. If you are not sure where to get started, look through our wicker furniture ideas and inspiration further down the article.

Black Wicker Furniture

We listed some of our best black wicker and rattan patio furniture and dining sets below for your home. Discover some of our wicker and black vintage rattan chairs and more below.


Black Wicker Dining Sets

We listed some of our favorite black wicker dining sets below including black wicker tables, chairs, and benches. If you put a dining set on your patio, you will be able to entertain friends and family all the time.


Why Choose Black Wicker Furniture?

Black wicker furniture is thoughtfully designed, styled and created, which is why they are so popular. Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of colors from black to white so it is a matter of preference. It’s popular for people to choose one color of wicker furniture and cushions that are a different color. There are black wicker furniture sets that feature white, red, blue, and gray cushions. By utilizing contrasting colors, you can create a simple yet elegant outdoor design.

Wicker Material

Black wicker patio furniture sets are usually made up of some best materials, which has a fibrous core. It is a tropical wood with the hard outer cartridge, giving it good strength. Being fibrous on the inner side is very light and very much portable. After painted black, these wicker sets have a casually classic look. These dining sets can be placed on the patio, anywhere a family can enjoy the good moment, in the mornings or during summer and winter evenings.

Types of Wicker Furniture

Wicker can be used for outdoor use at home, hotels, resorts, spas, and cafes. Each piece of furniture exudes elegance, warmth and adds up to give that inviting, homey and cozy feel in any area they are placed. There is a variety of outdoor wicker furniture to choose from including black wicker outdoor chairs, black wicker patio furniture sets, black wicker outdoor sofa sets, and black wicker outdoor tables. Black wicker furniture can be paired with outdoor area rugs, canopies, coffee tables, end tables, and more.

Caring for Wicker Furniture

Black wicker outdoor chairs are characterized by its soft, clean modernistic lines, sharp angles and can be combined with other materials and created with most careful artisan-ship. Wicker for outdoor use are UV treated and can be left to stay outside all year long sans fading, splitting, or cracking of the materials. You should make use of an outdoor waterproof cover that can protect and help keep your furniture dry and clean when not in use.

Wicker Storage

If you are looking for hidden storage options, wicker baskets can be used for storage. Placing them on the patio is another neat decor idea. You can use wicker style shelves to store your pots, percolators and other garden essentials. In addition, wicker storage seating is the perfect way to store all your outdoor items. Lastly, some black wicker sofa sets come with storage underneath your seat and underneath an outdoor wicker coffee table.

In Summary

There are numerous choices for outdoor wicker furniture perfect for covered patios and decks or an open area like your lawn or garden. Look for that perfect set or piece you want to have and get to see limitless options out there. Aside from the common outdoor furnishings, you can also see an extensive range of beautiful sets and pieces that will complement the beauty and functionality of your outdoor furniture.

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Beach Wall Hooks and Beach Towel Hooks

beach towel hooks

Beach wall hooks and beach towel hooks are a wonderful option for your ocean-inspired home. We have options below that include coastal wall hooks so you can keep a beach theme throughout your bathroom and your entire home.

We decided to put together a list of our favorite beach hooks that you can buy for your home. The options include starfish hooks, anchor hooks, mermaid hooks, seahorses, flip flops, sand dollars, turtles, pelicans, octopus hooks, and more. We hope you can find some coastal towel hooks to hang your beach towels after a long day near the ocean. Although we advertise some of them as decorative beach towel hooks, they can also be beach themed key hooks as well as you can hang anything from them.


Beach Towel Hooks and Wall Hooks

There are a lot of different beach themed wall hooks because there are so many designs, colors, and styles. You might want surfboard hooks for your California beach home or seashell hooks for your NJ beach home.


Beach Towel Hooks For Sale

If you could not find beach hooks with the coastal theme you wanted, we have even more products listed below.


How to Choose Beach Towel Hooks

You can now hang your bath towels, robes, clothes, coats, and more. Instead of getting a generic set of hooks, why not go for something that resembles the ocean. You can put it right on your bathroom wall, door, or in your bedroom to hang whatever you need. Whether you have a home, cottage, cabin, or condo, it’s a great piece of decor to help you feel like you just walked off the sand.

Most of the towel hooks come with screws and anchors to make them easy to hang from the wall or a door. The hooks will not damage anything you hang from them as they are made to deal with tough or thin material. If you have no use for them, consider buying a gift or a christmas present for your friend who lives near the beach.

Types of Coastal Wall Hooks

Beach wall hooks and towel hooks come in many shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a certain theme, it can be very easy to find what you are looking for. Whether you want a seashell shaped wall hook or something nautical themed like an anchor, there are plenty of options. We included some popular options below that you might see when you are shopping.

Seashell and Starfish Hooks

Two popular options are different types of seashells or starfish wall hooks. They are popular because you can easily use them as end pieces of the hook and have a curve as well. It is very easy to hang your towel from seashell wall hooks.

Anchor Hooks

Another popular choice is an anchor towel hook. Anchors are perfect for nautical homes on the coast and they are great if you want to use them as a wall hook. Since they are known for anchoring your ship at the certain spot at sea, you can find different colors and styles to fit your bathroom or outdoor space.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you can find a beach wall hook that fits your home and suits you. There are a variety of colors and styles above that will help you fit beach themed towel hooks into your coastal home. Whether you want a starfish to hang your towel from or a cast iron anchor, you are sure to find it above!

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Nautical Clocks

nautical clocks

Nautical clocks are one of those decorations that can transform the whole look of your living room or office. If you find the perfect design, nautical wall clocks can add the much needed touch of elegance your home decor has been lacking all along. Luckily, there are many types and designs of small and large nautical clocks for sale, and we listed our favorites below.

Nautical Clocks